Friday, March 30, 2012

Corelle Wildflower?Meadow?

For our wedding almost 5 years ago we got a nice thick, heavy, easily broken dish set from a big retailer. They are white and square. The salad plates have paisley's on them. The bowls are square. The are heavy. Did I mention they chip easily. I really hate those things. THM cannot drink the milk from is cereal. He cannot carry his dinner plate to the sink. They have to leave my house. And that is what they did. I sold them at my yard sale. 

 I found a brand new in box set of Corelle dishes at... Yup you guessed it. Salvation Army. I love the pattern. They are called Wildflower. They go perfectly with my vintage table linens. And they don't shatter when dropped, THM can easily carry them to the sink and he can drink the sugary goodness from the cereal. I hesitated opening them. Never used, never seen the outside of the box. It is a vintage loves dream.

Did you know some people won't even open up vintage Pyrex boxes ever? The whole sealed box is a huge thing. They sat around for 3 weeks before one weekend I grabbed the camera. I only got the box pictures. So they sat around for another few weeks. I wanted to use them for my Birthday.

So I started by getting the cups out. Then I pulled a plate out.

WHAT? WAIT! What are these? These are NOT the pattern on the box. I pulled out more plates. All the same odd pattern. The big and small plates have this pattern.

I double checked with THH that the box was sealed. Did someone just put the different plates in there? And the box resealed from sitting so long? But all the brown paper was in it. and when I got them all out the little replacement paper was still in the box.

So who knows what happened. Everything except the cups and box match. Well the cups and box match each other.

Good thing I like the plates. And anyways I don't ever use tea cups.Oh the joys of boxed stuff when you don't open in the store. But that is the fun of it right?

The plates are Meadow. Came out in 1977. Hey at least they are summer/spring  right? and not from the 80s.  Still happy with my $10 purchase.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My birthday

Happy birthday to me!

 Yup. Today is my golden birthday. I turned 27 on the 27th.

Things I did:
Got coffee
Went to work
Had a fabulous lunch with my work husband Ragu (he is Indian, a Hindu)
Made dinner
Enjoyed my family
And of course used Pyrex.

The blue is a casserole. I had the lid and found it when I did a big purge in January. So stoked. I got the bottom at SA. Of course.

The pink is desert dawn, hubby bought me the pie. Boysenberry from a little diner down the road. They didn't have blueberry, my favorite.

Plates are Corelle Meadow. Those are another story for another day.

Dinner was Rolls and pasta with shrimp, mixed veggies, parm and old bay (and some butter)

What I got: Bike, Hat (THB knitted), Socks (THB knitted)

Tomorrow I have to go to the post office to get the gift from my mother in law and fed ex should be bringing another from my mom. And we are going to my brother's Saturday for more pie.

A little about me: I sew, I grew up in small town Michigan, I met THH at Applebee's. I know how to water ski and play violin. My favorite food is bar mushrooms. I was a wild child. Still am a Wild child, just a different wild. Happy birthday to everyone born on today's date. And happy unbirthday to everyone else. Oh and Happy Given Birth day to my MOM!!!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Trailing Flowers

OLL is moving from the second floor of her apartment complex to the unit below on the first floor. This will be the second move I am helping her with within the last year. She has so much stuff. But I am helping purge and make life easier for her.

Upon cleaning her kitchen out I got this little gem.

A trialing flowers casserole.  It is unsure whether it is a promotional item  or not. But what we do know it is part of the Cozy Collection and had at one time came with a quilted carrier type thing. It also came in a yellowy color with rust flowers. I know where OLL got this.  She got it the day we were at SA when I found the charcoal snowflakes. I don't know why I passed it up. I think because I didn't care for it. Or maybe  I didn't really look at it. Words to the wise---- Pay attention!!!!!! She gave it to me in exchange for a love seat I am giving  her.

I also stumbled upon some Melmac cups and little tiny bowls. In a pea green color. From the 1950s. I once asked THB what type of dishes she used when she was a kid and she knew right away. Melmac! So when I asked OLL about these she said "take em!" I'm going to make my mom drink coffee out of these with me the next time she is here. Plus they are one of my favorite colors.

And then this: (with my finds of the day on them)

Let me tell you about this little telephone table. Every time she has moved I think everyone has commented on this table. How they want it. AND I GOT IT. (know how Elle Woods (Legally Blonde)  does that "yes" when she gets the great internship? That is totally how I felt)

Hey do you remember ever using the word telephone? Nowadays people just say phone and it is referring to cell phones.  Remember when everyone had a home phone, aka a landline? And at one time when you pushed the buttons it made a bunch of beeping noises instead of just one beep for each time you pressed. I do.  Remember rotary dial phones? I saw a woman at a thrift store last week asking someone about one of the old turn dial phones and how it knew what number you were dialing. I giggled because I knew. That million beeps that took forever was a signal type thing to the phone. I only know all this at 26 (almost 27) because my mom had a rotary phone up until I was in college. I know, gasp.  I made her change it to touch tone (I know my jargon!) so I could get the Internet. Now she is addicted to Internet! Anyways no home phone here at our house,  going to use it to showcase my treasures.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I have the most awesome Birthday gift to show you all. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012



Lolita is a wire haired small dog. She was left in an apartment after the tenants moved out. We know very little about her. She is great with small dogs. She walks on a leash great. She is great with our 3 year old. She needs attention, she barks when left alone.

My friend, OLL and I acquired her yesterday. We are going to be her foster parents until she can find a loving family to adopt her. I am attached to her already which is not good because right now another dog in our life wouldn't work. We really want her to go to a loving caring home. Someone to play with her, walk her, take care of her like their own child.

If you know anyone willing to adopt or know of a no kill rescue that would find her a home please let me know.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Spring!

Happy First Day of Spring!

I am going to use less words today than normal. (No I'm not sick.) I just want to show you some of my favorite things about Spring.

When we lived in a Studio. Spring was always in the air. (2006)

Got Ourselves Married May 2007

Loved being 20 weeks pregnant at the beach (May 2008)

L.A. Zoo for Mom's Day 2009.

First Big Boy Bike Spring 2010

Family Visits April 2011

Bring on Spring 2012!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Garage sales

My Stairwell closet. HELP!

Can you tell I'm a bit of a pack rat? Well if not, I am telling you I have a problem. Yeah I'm a big pack rat. A very well organized one. You would totally be surprised what I can fit into a small box. When I first moved out of my mothers house I had my 94 blue, pink and purple tracker and a pick up truck load of stuff. That is it. I moved all the way from Michigan to Florida. Why is another story.

After a year in Florida of working 50+ hours a week and going to college full time, my then boyfriend at the time and I decided to pack up and move to southern California. We had a Malibu (my poor tracker got totaled in Florida) a dog and one small uhaul of stuff. No mattress, no furniture, nada. It was fun. I love it. Then we got a tiny studio apartment and all of a sudden the pack rat inside came out to play.

Ever since then I have had a problem. Even more  after we tripled our space and moved into a one bedroom.  But not this year. This year I will not live in clutter. I will purge and organize and downsize.
About an hour into the yard sale. Not pictured is the furniture.

This is we're the yard sale comes in. I had it Saturday March 10th. THH helped take everything down stairs.  THM was not to sure about it the few weeks before. I don't thing he wanted to see some of his smaller clothes go. Oh well, time to purge. He did really great and even made a few bucks for himself.

Sold all 4 boxes of baby cloths. Told a lady at the end of the day to take them all for $5. She did! Less to haul to SA!!!
The goal is 2012 things gone in the year 2012. I'm hoping to get even more gone. I haven't been to Joann's all year. I've been using my fabric stash.  I have been getting new Pyrex though.

About an hour before we quit. Look at it all gone!!!

I sold a ton. So much on Saturday that we didn't even want to do it Sunday and took everything to good ole Salvation army. And I even shopped a bit and found nothing! Sad day for me, I must have got all the goodies the day before.

Oh And that boyfriend became my husband and father to my child. LOVE!

My pack rat days are behind me, hopefully. 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Uses for divided dishes

We have seen briefly some divided dishes. Ever wonder what to do with some of your odd size Pyrex? Like divided dishes?

"Make our own taco" night is perfect for divided dishes. It also makes clean up easier as you are doing one half the dishes you would normally be doing. And what ever is left you can stick a lid on it and put it in the fridge for your late night snack later.

I once walked by the kitchen late at night and up popped THH's head and a big grin full of food. I did my job if he is having a late night snack. Means my food is yummy.

Also featured in the taco linner (lunch + dinner) picture is snowflake Correle plates. Scored those at little thrift shop in Palos Verdes, CA for super cheap. Had everything except for the bowls. Still looking for the bowls.

The place mats I just got today. Picked them up at Salvation Army for $3 for 5. They have a seashell likeness. Perfect for summer.

Oh and Happy St. Patrick's Day from Treasure Hunter Brother. He may or may not of had some green beer. 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Blossom for Ides of March

Today is Ides of March and we have crappy weather here! BOO!

According to Wiki the Ides of March is the name of the 15th day of March in the Roman calendar.  It is the Roman Calenders first day of Spring.

The Ides of March was a festive day dedicated to the god Mars and a military parade was usually held. Great because I am an Aries and I am governed by Mars! Perfect for me!

In modern times, the term Ides of March is best known as the date on which Julius Caesar was killed in 44 B.C. Caesar was stabbed (23 times) to death in the Roman Senate by a group of conspirators led by Marcus Junius Brutus and Gaius Cassius Longinus.  So beware of the Ides of March.

In celebration of Ides of March and yesterday's Pi day. I made cabbage pie in a Spring Blossom baker. Sorta hit Ides of march, Pi Day and St Patty's day in one, don't yeah think?

I forgot my camera at work and only had my phone. 

Qualities of an Aries: Competitiveness, aggressiveness, impulsiveness, rashness, impatience, courage, spontaneous, assertiveness, self-reliance.

Happy First Day of Spring (sorta)! (even if the weather is crappy here)

See bottom left of picture for credit

 So true, THH is an Aquarius.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pi in Pyrex desert dawn (Part 1)

Happy pi day! 
Happy pie day! 
Happy 3.14 day!
Pi Day is a holiday commemorating the mathematical constant π (pi). Pi Day is celebrated on March 14 (or 3/14 in month/day date format), since 3, 1 and 4 are the three most significant digits of π in the decimal form. In 2009, the United States House of Representatives supported the designation of Pi Day.  Read more about it here.
Haven't put on the whipped cream yet.

Nothing beats celebration Pi day with Pie! Homemade chocolate pie. And cabbage pie. I picked up to beauty at the Long Beach Antique market when I went with treasure hunter cousin. I paid whole $5 for it. I had no clue if the speckles were meant to be there. Come to find out they were. The pattern is called Desert Dawn. After a good cleaning I fell in love with it and this pattern has to be one of my favorites. I don't think the guy knew what he had on his table, because I didn't even have to haggle. I'm sure he could of got $10-$15 from someone who doesn't care about getting cheap Pyrex.

In honor of Pi Day I made homemade chocolate pie. Now I won't give you my pie crust recipe.... That is a secret I will take to my grave. Because you all know how freaking hard pie crust is to make and taste good. I have been looking for a while for one of those glass rolling pins from Pyrex but have not came across one yet. I use my French rolling pin. I like it better than those ones with handles, plus I can beat things with it.

Poor book is falling apart and has been tapped up a million times, but I bought it at a church sale for less than a quarter (fill a bag for $2! and I can fill a bag.)

Chocolate Pi (for my father, it was his favorite)
Betty Crocker's Good and Easy Cookbook,  copy write 1954, first edition

1 1/8 cup Sugar
1/3 tsp. Salt
2 tbsp. cornstartch
3/4 tbsp. flour
2 1/4 cup rich milk (I used whole milk)
2 egg yolks, slightly beaten
3/4 tbsp. butter (use real butter!)
1 tsp. vanilla
2 1/4 sq. cut up unsweetened chocolate

Mix sugar, salt, cornstarch and flour in saucepan.  Slowly stir in milk, add chocolate.  Boil 1 minute, over med heat, stirring constantly.  Remove from heat.  Stir half of mixture into egg yolk, then blend into hot mixture in saucepan.  Boil 1 more minute stirring constantly.  Remove from heat.  Blend in butter and vanilla. Cool.  Pour into baked pie shell. Chill. Just before serving top with whipped cream.  

Making pie crust, with my old cool sifter. Using Pyrex Butterprint mixing bowl.
Doesn't it look to die for? and you can taste that the chocolate cream wasn't made from a box!

Happy Pi day all you fellow math and food lovers. And Happy Birthday Albert Einstein!

Image from Google search.

Part 2 is cabbage pie we are having for dinner.  Stay tuned for I will give you the recipe tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Monday, March 12, 2012

Square flowers

Another Friday off work early means another Friday I hit up the Salvation Army here in Long Beach. I like going on Fridays just to browse and beat the Saturday crowds.


Nothing that special in store for me. I did however find a square flowers divided dish. I like and dislike divided dishes. On one hand they are sorta cool, long and can hold two different items. On the other hand it holds 2 things and I don't normally make a meal with 2 small portioned sides. But I picked up anyways maybe for a future trade since the price was right. And I love green.

While browsing I noticed they were putting out glass stuff. I did my walk and stalk and they guy was going soooooooo slow. I also saw they were putting out more collectibles. As I just stood by the guy I spotted a Pyrex lid. I walked over and noticed it was Pyrex England. Cheap too. I stored that in my arms because I figured it could be for a future trade too.

Lid $1.99

Collectibles were a bust. Not one single thing. So I stool walk and stalk back to the slow guy. As I was near the clear glass I came upon a up huge 8 cup measuring cup. Anchor hocking. I looked it up and found it is a batter bowl. Very cool. Etsy says vintage but Anchor still has it on their site. I'm just gonna say it isn't too old and very huge and very awesome.

THM has that same green cookbook. And the one taped up next to it has the worlds best pie crust recipe. And NO I will not give it to you!

As I was stalking slow guy some other guy holding a blond chihuahua asked me if I liked Pyrex. We chatted a bit about it and he asked I if had any favorites. I told him my favorites and he asked me if I liked the stuff from the 50s with star bursts on it. I declined and said something along the lines I liked Corelle because my 3 year old can pretty much do no harm to it and easy to replace. Mind you it has been a good 5 minutes we were chatting. That man bolted like a spray bottle squirting a cat. A guy tried to pick me up at salvation army using Pyrex as a conversation starter. Guess either my kid or maybe the fact I might have a husband at home scared him off.

How could someone so awesome scare someone off?

 Funny thing is THH came home and told me how some woman basically suggested him and her go into the gas station bathroom for a little fun. She went in the gas station, came out and held up and giggled the keys at THH who was pumping gas. She smiled and made the motion for THH to come with her.  That is a nice start to a Friday morning.

 But hey at least we are both attractive to the outside world. Ps. Salvation Army flirt guy was sorta hot in a long haired, dog holding, hippy way.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Country Life & Mary Jane

A few weeks ago my cousin came up from San Diego to spend the weekend with us. We managed to be decent human beings that weekend despite being a little drunk and calling his sister (who lives 3 hours ahead of us back in Michigan) late at night. A little background on this cousin. He is a Marine. And a ginger. That means he will cut your head off with cool sword because he has no soul. No I'm kidding. He is a cool guy. THM loves him. I love him. We shall call him THC. Treasure hunter's cousin.

Now just because THC came up didn't mean I was not going to go to the flea market as planned. I dragged him along with me. He is cool so he didn't complain. The flea market was a bust. Everything so outrageously price. I tried to haggle with a center over 2 red Pyrex refrigerator dishes. He wanted $10. The lids were chipped bad. They were scratched and faded and just plain sad. He wouldn't go lover than $4 each, trying to tell me he could easily get $10 a piece for them. I looked at him and simply told him "you're crazy." and walked away empty handed. There was lots of Pyrex, saw 3 full primary sets of refrigerator dishes priced from $45 to $70. To much money for me.

 I didn't see anything I really wanted until I came across this little guy. A Gemco "country life" pepper mill. I was taken by it. The milk glass in great condition. The blue birds are so cheery and it just screams to my heart. It was a bit dirty, but I washed it. It was on a small table mixed in with other glass. It was priced at $10. I still asked the woman, how much? She came back with $8. I countered with $5. I really didn't have a clue if that was a good price or a bad price, I just really liked it. She accepted and I went on my way with a little pepper mill. I'm so drawn to the blue birds. I don't know why but they make me smile.

At another booth I came across the sugar bowl. In the same pattern. Having to do my inspection before asking about price I look it over. Then open it up. There was something inside. Something wrapped in newspaper. I pushed the newspaper around with my finger. It opens up. What do I see?...... A pipe. Like a illegal substance pipe. I sorta giggled. Did the woman know this was in her sugar bowl? I asked how much. She said $8. Now I would have countered with $5 but that stupid pipe. I noticed it had a little illegal stuff on it (the pipe not the sugar bowl) and for the price the woman gave me I figured she had no clue what was in it. I didn't really want to say take the Mary Jane pipe out and say I will give you $5. I didn't want to confront her. And I had my marine cousin and 3 year old with me. Not worth it to buy it. $5 sugar bowl was cool. But the Mary Jane pipe was not.

Now don't get me wrong. I think Mary Jane should be legal. I think it could help with taxes. But on the other hand I really don't like our government system. I cannot win can I? The smart thing to do was leave the bowl and it's pipe. Keep THC (funny!) away from that . If you are wondering it wasn't a big deal to me. Hell I've smoked before, how do you think I could identify Mary Jane? I just want THC to have any thing going against him. I love him, he keeps us safe so I respect that I cannot be seen with a Mary Jane pipe mine or not in a public place with him around. My luck to a cop would of been standing behind me.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Early American Divided

Driving home from work on an early Friday afternoon I thought maybe I should stop at Salvation Army here in Long Beach . I knew I wouldn't be going out during the weekend with gas prices being so high, and SA was on my way home. (lucky for me OLL did ask me to go out Saturday, she drove)  I am so glad I did. Even though it wasn't 40% off day they still had it 30% off day. The joys of living by a "hub" for SA. They have so much stock it is a rare day they don't have some type of sale. I also noticed that it really depends on who prices things how high they are. One person knows Pyrex is a hot item and prices them outrageous. Like the week I saw a primary set in awful condition (think red was pink from the dishwasher and the others were equally as bad) prices per bowl at $15-$5. Yeah crazy.

Not this Friday though. Maybe because they still had the chip bowl that wasn't selling at $12.50 they had come down on their Pyrex prices. Or maybe because whoever priced some pieces didn't know what they were.

This chip bowl had been there since January 23rd, it said so on the tag.  That is rare for something to be there so long. But looking at it you wouldn't think it was anything special and just another mixing bowl. Well I thought so too the past few weekends. Until I looked it up and it is the bottom of a chip and dip set, that has a wooden handle. I know I will never find the handle, but that is what my brother, a wood worker, is for as he can make me a new one. I picked it up because all last week I kicked myself for not buying it since I now know what it is. I am glad the big guy has a loving home now, Even though it doesn't have a pattern name I still love it.

 While browsing the housewares I spotted a yellow dish. I picked it up. Gasped at the price and looked it over. Man was it dirty. Someone used this guy a ton. But no chips or cracks and not a utensil mark, just baked on grease. I imagine it was some old lady really loved this size. I know I do. My second piece of Desert Dawn. This pattern has to be my favorite. I just love the speckles. I don't know why but in person it is gorgeous. For $3 I couldn't say no to something so amazing. And to believe it was hiding under some random tiles.

I pick up lids whenever I see them. You never know when you will come across a bottom. Especially divided lids, those seem hard to come by.   This little lid is from Hollywood Goodwill. I found the bottom in housewares at SA for $4 or so dollars. It also is in great shape. The little cats are pretty cool, different. I don't own Early American and don't care for the pattern that much, but for thanksgiving a divided dish would be perfect.

Sad though because I picked up 3 dishes I knew some I had at home had to go. I let go of a Fire-King and 2 GlasBakes I didn't care for. At least Treasure Hunter Hater brought me home some lights from his work. I don't care for them.  They seem to bright.  Must find a better way to take better shots. 

Yard sale this weekend, time for others to find nifty treasures.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Primary Mixing Bowls

Another hit for OLL and I. OLL called and asked if I wanted to hit up good ole Salvation Army with me. I of course said sure, but I was at the park playing Power Rangers (I was blue, THM was green) and needed about 45 minutes. Good thing too! After THH got to the park (he went to the bank) I ran home to change and grab my bag. As I guessed I took all the goodies the day before. OLL found a few things, and lucky her had some credit from a returned microwave. But then what do I see.... A woman opening some bins they got in from a shipment. A few people were gathered around her watching her. I did my walk and stalk while looking at everything. She was in collectibles so I knew there was something in those bins for me. Nothing in the first 6. I don't give up that easily. Then as I was in housewares I spot it. A mishmash of bowls. I hurry over, no one was touching the stuff she had set on her blue bin. I then ask "can I take these?".

She said sure. Then she says, here is another set like that. Omg....

Then I stand there because now I have hit the jack pot. Priced right and 40% off day. Another blue bin gone. And another. And finally one more left....

Yes a complete primary bowl set. Complete! Used but no fading, just some scratches and utensil marks. The norm.

OLL looks at me and my hands full like she knew I was in my grove and happy as a clam.

After the discount that primary set was ......... $15.20.

Yup those 45 minutes of playing Power Rangers allowed me to be there for the unfailing of my new treasures. Thank you Power Rangers. And sorry I got a little picture happy!