Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Early American Divided

Driving home from work on an early Friday afternoon I thought maybe I should stop at Salvation Army here in Long Beach . I knew I wouldn't be going out during the weekend with gas prices being so high, and SA was on my way home. (lucky for me OLL did ask me to go out Saturday, she drove)  I am so glad I did. Even though it wasn't 40% off day they still had it 30% off day. The joys of living by a "hub" for SA. They have so much stock it is a rare day they don't have some type of sale. I also noticed that it really depends on who prices things how high they are. One person knows Pyrex is a hot item and prices them outrageous. Like the week I saw a primary set in awful condition (think red was pink from the dishwasher and the others were equally as bad) prices per bowl at $15-$5. Yeah crazy.

Not this Friday though. Maybe because they still had the chip bowl that wasn't selling at $12.50 they had come down on their Pyrex prices. Or maybe because whoever priced some pieces didn't know what they were.

This chip bowl had been there since January 23rd, it said so on the tag.  That is rare for something to be there so long. But looking at it you wouldn't think it was anything special and just another mixing bowl. Well I thought so too the past few weekends. Until I looked it up and it is the bottom of a chip and dip set, that has a wooden handle. I know I will never find the handle, but that is what my brother, a wood worker, is for as he can make me a new one. I picked it up because all last week I kicked myself for not buying it since I now know what it is. I am glad the big guy has a loving home now, Even though it doesn't have a pattern name I still love it.

 While browsing the housewares I spotted a yellow dish. I picked it up. Gasped at the price and looked it over. Man was it dirty. Someone used this guy a ton. But no chips or cracks and not a utensil mark, just baked on grease. I imagine it was some old lady really loved this size. I know I do. My second piece of Desert Dawn. This pattern has to be my favorite. I just love the speckles. I don't know why but in person it is gorgeous. For $3 I couldn't say no to something so amazing. And to believe it was hiding under some random tiles.

I pick up lids whenever I see them. You never know when you will come across a bottom. Especially divided lids, those seem hard to come by.   This little lid is from Hollywood Goodwill. I found the bottom in housewares at SA for $4 or so dollars. It also is in great shape. The little cats are pretty cool, different. I don't own Early American and don't care for the pattern that much, but for thanksgiving a divided dish would be perfect.

Sad though because I picked up 3 dishes I knew some I had at home had to go. I let go of a Fire-King and 2 GlasBakes I didn't care for. At least Treasure Hunter Hater brought me home some lights from his work. I don't care for them.  They seem to bright.  Must find a better way to take better shots. 

Yard sale this weekend, time for others to find nifty treasures.

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