Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My birthday

Happy birthday to me!

 Yup. Today is my golden birthday. I turned 27 on the 27th.

Things I did:
Got coffee
Went to work
Had a fabulous lunch with my work husband Ragu (he is Indian, a Hindu)
Made dinner
Enjoyed my family
And of course used Pyrex.

The blue is a casserole. I had the lid and found it when I did a big purge in January. So stoked. I got the bottom at SA. Of course.

The pink is desert dawn, hubby bought me the pie. Boysenberry from a little diner down the road. They didn't have blueberry, my favorite.

Plates are Corelle Meadow. Those are another story for another day.

Dinner was Rolls and pasta with shrimp, mixed veggies, parm and old bay (and some butter)

What I got: Bike, Hat (THB knitted), Socks (THB knitted)

Tomorrow I have to go to the post office to get the gift from my mother in law and fed ex should be bringing another from my mom. And we are going to my brother's Saturday for more pie.

A little about me: I sew, I grew up in small town Michigan, I met THH at Applebee's. I know how to water ski and play violin. My favorite food is bar mushrooms. I was a wild child. Still am a Wild child, just a different wild. Happy birthday to everyone born on today's date. And happy unbirthday to everyone else. Oh and Happy Given Birth day to my MOM!!!!

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  1. And Happy Birthday to you! Yummm - pie, looks good!