Thursday, March 1, 2012

Charcoal Snowflakes

One day I asked my OLL (Old Lesbian Lover, one of my friends) if she wanted to hit up Salvation Army with me and do a little girl time shopping. Of course she did. She is a bit of a treasure hunter like I am. We go there, I find the most awesome cake plate, but no markings. I also find a small loaf pan marked "Maid of Honor." She finds a medium Cinderella Pyrex dish. I didn't pick it up. I didn't really look at the pattern. Dumb me, because it was a bake and carry and I love the print now! We went tour separate ways and I catch out of the corner of my eye a guy holding a Tom and Jerry set. You may wonder why they were called Tom and Jerry sets. Well back then a Tom and Jerry resembled warm egg nog. (as it still does but I don't know anyone who has actually had the drink) Basically eggs, sugar and a few spices. UCK! Anyhow I managed to stalk him for a good half an hour to see if he was going to change his mind and set them down. As I was stalking him I had to walk over to the collectibles section and BAM!

These were there. $18 for the large and $15 for the small divided. I know pricey right? well it was 40% off day, and not likely I would come across these again for that cheap. So I kept one eye on the Tom and Jerry set and one eye on my friend so I could go show her the most amazing find of the day.

He bought the set and I missed out on it.

Crappy for me, but I had so much in my cart already. This little gem was $6.50. (Maid of Honor is a Sears brand like Pyrex, Fire King and Glass-bake. It wasn't such a big hit like Pyrex.)
This little guy is the Fire King, marked at $12.50.

He followed us home too.

Back to the pretties. I walk up to the register. I let OLL go first. She had more than me. Then my turn. I reluctantly take out my money. "Gosh how much has this little trip costing me, those 2 pieces alone are gonna do me in!" I think to myself. I ask the cashier to let me know how much they ring up, you know because 40% off day. I give her the small load pan first. "$3.90," she tells me. Okay not bad for a small loaf pan. THEN GET THIS! She says "I will just give you the rest for the same price as the small one."

*mouth drops wide open*

with 40% off

$3.90 for the charcoal Pyrex large, $3.90 for the charcoal Pyrex divided and $3.90 for the unmarked Fire King.

yes.... I got done and in my car fast. Yes..... I locked the doors in a hurry. Yes..... I squealed with excitement with OLL.

Nothing will beat that for a long time!

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  1. Oh, my goodness - your lucky day!!!

    I just found your blog via the Pyrex Collective - I'll be following you....