Sunday, March 4, 2012

Primary Mixing Bowls

Another hit for OLL and I. OLL called and asked if I wanted to hit up good ole Salvation Army with me. I of course said sure, but I was at the park playing Power Rangers (I was blue, THM was green) and needed about 45 minutes. Good thing too! After THH got to the park (he went to the bank) I ran home to change and grab my bag. As I guessed I took all the goodies the day before. OLL found a few things, and lucky her had some credit from a returned microwave. But then what do I see.... A woman opening some bins they got in from a shipment. A few people were gathered around her watching her. I did my walk and stalk while looking at everything. She was in collectibles so I knew there was something in those bins for me. Nothing in the first 6. I don't give up that easily. Then as I was in housewares I spot it. A mishmash of bowls. I hurry over, no one was touching the stuff she had set on her blue bin. I then ask "can I take these?".

She said sure. Then she says, here is another set like that. Omg....

Then I stand there because now I have hit the jack pot. Priced right and 40% off day. Another blue bin gone. And another. And finally one more left....

Yes a complete primary bowl set. Complete! Used but no fading, just some scratches and utensil marks. The norm.

OLL looks at me and my hands full like she knew I was in my grove and happy as a clam.

After the discount that primary set was ......... $15.20.

Yup those 45 minutes of playing Power Rangers allowed me to be there for the unfailing of my new treasures. Thank you Power Rangers. And sorry I got a little picture happy!


  1. What a great day - I would have been wanting to get out of there and get to the car as quick as I can - with my bounty of Pyrex!!

  2. Never ever apologize for getting picture happy! Nice finds and nice prices!

  3. I totally dig your blog. And your writing's like I can hear you speaking every word as if you were talking, not writing. I'm so glad you scored all those treasures that day too. I love finding treasures that I love. Keep on hunting Mama!