Monday, March 12, 2012

Square flowers

Another Friday off work early means another Friday I hit up the Salvation Army here in Long Beach. I like going on Fridays just to browse and beat the Saturday crowds.


Nothing that special in store for me. I did however find a square flowers divided dish. I like and dislike divided dishes. On one hand they are sorta cool, long and can hold two different items. On the other hand it holds 2 things and I don't normally make a meal with 2 small portioned sides. But I picked up anyways maybe for a future trade since the price was right. And I love green.

While browsing I noticed they were putting out glass stuff. I did my walk and stalk and they guy was going soooooooo slow. I also saw they were putting out more collectibles. As I just stood by the guy I spotted a Pyrex lid. I walked over and noticed it was Pyrex England. Cheap too. I stored that in my arms because I figured it could be for a future trade too.

Lid $1.99

Collectibles were a bust. Not one single thing. So I stool walk and stalk back to the slow guy. As I was near the clear glass I came upon a up huge 8 cup measuring cup. Anchor hocking. I looked it up and found it is a batter bowl. Very cool. Etsy says vintage but Anchor still has it on their site. I'm just gonna say it isn't too old and very huge and very awesome.

THM has that same green cookbook. And the one taped up next to it has the worlds best pie crust recipe. And NO I will not give it to you!

As I was stalking slow guy some other guy holding a blond chihuahua asked me if I liked Pyrex. We chatted a bit about it and he asked I if had any favorites. I told him my favorites and he asked me if I liked the stuff from the 50s with star bursts on it. I declined and said something along the lines I liked Corelle because my 3 year old can pretty much do no harm to it and easy to replace. Mind you it has been a good 5 minutes we were chatting. That man bolted like a spray bottle squirting a cat. A guy tried to pick me up at salvation army using Pyrex as a conversation starter. Guess either my kid or maybe the fact I might have a husband at home scared him off.

How could someone so awesome scare someone off?

 Funny thing is THH came home and told me how some woman basically suggested him and her go into the gas station bathroom for a little fun. She went in the gas station, came out and held up and giggled the keys at THH who was pumping gas. She smiled and made the motion for THH to come with her.  That is a nice start to a Friday morning.

 But hey at least we are both attractive to the outside world. Ps. Salvation Army flirt guy was sorta hot in a long haired, dog holding, hippy way.

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  1. Funny story!!!

    As for the Pyrex divided dishes, when I first started collecting, I wondered whatever I would use them for too - you don't have to put a different item in each side - I've made an apple crisp in a divided - and, of course, it's great for chips and dip or anything like that. They're cute but take up a lot of space!