Monday, March 26, 2012

Trailing Flowers

OLL is moving from the second floor of her apartment complex to the unit below on the first floor. This will be the second move I am helping her with within the last year. She has so much stuff. But I am helping purge and make life easier for her.

Upon cleaning her kitchen out I got this little gem.

A trialing flowers casserole.  It is unsure whether it is a promotional item  or not. But what we do know it is part of the Cozy Collection and had at one time came with a quilted carrier type thing. It also came in a yellowy color with rust flowers. I know where OLL got this.  She got it the day we were at SA when I found the charcoal snowflakes. I don't know why I passed it up. I think because I didn't care for it. Or maybe  I didn't really look at it. Words to the wise---- Pay attention!!!!!! She gave it to me in exchange for a love seat I am giving  her.

I also stumbled upon some Melmac cups and little tiny bowls. In a pea green color. From the 1950s. I once asked THB what type of dishes she used when she was a kid and she knew right away. Melmac! So when I asked OLL about these she said "take em!" I'm going to make my mom drink coffee out of these with me the next time she is here. Plus they are one of my favorite colors.

And then this: (with my finds of the day on them)

Let me tell you about this little telephone table. Every time she has moved I think everyone has commented on this table. How they want it. AND I GOT IT. (know how Elle Woods (Legally Blonde)  does that "yes" when she gets the great internship? That is totally how I felt)

Hey do you remember ever using the word telephone? Nowadays people just say phone and it is referring to cell phones.  Remember when everyone had a home phone, aka a landline? And at one time when you pushed the buttons it made a bunch of beeping noises instead of just one beep for each time you pressed. I do.  Remember rotary dial phones? I saw a woman at a thrift store last week asking someone about one of the old turn dial phones and how it knew what number you were dialing. I giggled because I knew. That million beeps that took forever was a signal type thing to the phone. I only know all this at 26 (almost 27) because my mom had a rotary phone up until I was in college. I know, gasp.  I made her change it to touch tone (I know my jargon!) so I could get the Internet. Now she is addicted to Internet! Anyways no home phone here at our house,  going to use it to showcase my treasures.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I have the most awesome Birthday gift to show you all. 

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