Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dangers of the dishwasher PSA

DWD: Dish Washer Dead: a term used by the flicker group, Pyrex Love,  to say something has been faded, beat up scratched and killed by the dishwasher.

Unless you want a faded beat up piece do not put them in the dishwasher. They will end up like this:

How sad for this little fridgie. He was killed by his previous owner. I picked him up so I could house my used Brillo pads and not fear it being stained by rust or breaking if dropped in the sink.

To correctly wash your Pyrex is not an art, anyone can do it.

All clean! I used Bar Keepers Friend to get the dark marks off.
Start by filling up your sink with warm water. Use a gentle but effective soap like Dawn or Sun or the stuff you make yourself. Using a wet soft cloth or sponge wipe it and get all the little crusties off. Aka just wash the dish. Rinse with warm water and air dry or using a soft dry cloth, wipe dry. Put in china cabinet or other spot to show off its amazingness. I just taught you how to wash dishes.
My arsenal of Pyrex cleaning supplies. (L to R) Dish Soap, Bar Keepers Friend, Goo Gone, Corelle Cleaner, Magic Eraser

Other cleaners you can use are Corelle cleaner (I got mine at the local hardware store via online site to store). Bar Keepers Friend,  your local grocery store should carry this. And oven cleaner for that piece that was used by an old lady who never really got it cleaned and now their is the burnt on grease all over it. (I don't use oven cleaner at all, too smelly) I've also used magic erasers. But only on non patterned (do not use on any gold decorated pieces, it will ruin them!) and to only get marker off from when some dumbbutt wrote the price on with a sharpie. Or on my Corelle plates on the bottom to get those rings off you sometimes get when something sits forever. I use Goo Gone to get price stickers off or that super sticky tape SA likes to use.  Now please test a small spot, if in doubt don't use anything except warm soapy water. Use your best judgment!
 Please do our children a favor and don't put your Pyrex in the dishwasher. They may want them someday and no one will be proud of a DWD Pyrex piece. we all want happy Pyrex pieces.

Original Subway tiles, counter and sink, a little chipped and stained, but I love them! My apartment was built in 1922

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