Saturday, April 7, 2012

My mother

Bahaha. No THH doesn't hate my mother. Actually we are lucky enough to live across the country from her. See I love my Ma. She is awesome. But if we are together for more than 2 weeks we tend to try to kill each other. So living this far away we have an amazing relationship. And she can not be a Monster in Law to THH.

 (L to R) THB1, THB, TTH, THM

Pictures are one of my most treasured items. They tell stories. Relive memories and give you a glimpse into the past. Look at that lovely wallpaper. What were my grandparents thinking? How big can a cake for a 4 year old be? How much do I freaking look like my mom? We should give her a name. THB  (Treasure Hunter Bitch) I love you mom, keep the awesome pictures coming.
I wonder if this is the cake my grandma stuffed a bunch of Barbie stuff into for her one year. How cool was my grandma?

Speaking of my awesome THB....  She gave me my very first piece of Pyrex. It was when I moved out of her house. I don't know why she gave it to me, I think because she had 2 big bowls and only needed one. Well for years that bowl has been the "mashed potatoes bowl" at Thanksgiving. I use it for making cakes and displaying fruit. See the beautiful yellow/orange bowl, it makes me hungry.

Not until a few weeks ago doing some digging around did I find out that it is a Chip and Dip set bowl. Named "Pineapple Party"! Can I just tell you how in love I am.  Yes my first piece ever is a not to easy  to find chip bowl.  I told THH if I die tomorrow he can get rid of all my pretty Pyrex except for that one bowl.   And she totally supports my Pyrex habit. I just got this in the mail from her. Yes, she knits and is awesome at it!

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