Sunday, April 15, 2012

Nasty dirty lasagna pan

Some people think I am crazy. (that is an understatement).  I am sure the guy at goodwill thought so when I bought this pan.

 Man was it gross. Well gross isn't enough ick to describe it. For 5.99 though I knew I could clean it up. It took some elbow grease but I did get it parking clean. This dish was well loved by someone. I am sure that it was donated with a bunch of old lady stuff because no one would donate this piece if it was one of their most used pices and it sure looked that it was used for Sunday lasagna every Sunday since it was bought some 50 years ago.                                                                                                                                                                                              

I'm thinking someone cleaned out an estate and it was donated. Lucky for me.

This is the progress I had made after an hour of scrubbing it. It can come clean!
I used bar keepers friend. My arm hurts. I posted a picture on flicker and someone suggested oven cleaner. Now I know people have used oven cleaner but I hate the fumes and I hate wearing gloves, but this pan was nasty and needed the max. I went to the dollar store and grabbed a can of oven cleaner. 

Still took me about another hour to get it to look like this:

See goodwill guy, I'm not crazy! Clean and pretty. And my favorite color!

I also got a lid and cradle (lid didn't even go with the cradle, wrong size. But they were taped together) And a smaller lid for a Cinderella casserole.


  1. I've cleaned up a dirty one too, you just feel determined to keep going. I used Bar Keepers Friend and the Magic Eraser, great job!

  2. Great cleanup job! I've used oven cleaner, Bar Keepers Friends, Corningware cleaner and GooGone to clean all my nasty pieces. I actually get a certain satisfaction by cleaning those icky gunky pieces....strange I know...but true! :)

  3. Wow! Great job on this piece! I cleaned my very first piece of nasty Pyrex last night! It took me an hour with a Magic Eraser. Now I have a really nice Snowflake/Charcoal cassarole. :)

  4. Yes! This has inspired me - I just ran to the store and bought a can of Easy Off for my dirty, greasy pixies. I want a lasagna pan so bad. I'm glad yours cleaned up beautifully!