Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pyrex I didn't Buy

Warning: I didn't buy any of this. Very sad.

I went into SA on my lunch hour one day this week. I found an awesome set.

Horizon. A 2.5 quart and a 1.5 quart.  No chips or cracks. Great color. Not so awesome price. $24.00 for the large and $15 for the smaller. REALLY? at SA? Come on. Yeah I have spent maybe that much on a set, but I normally buy on 40% off day. Still I didn't think these were worth the price even with 40% off coupon in my purse (on 1 item).  If it was an antique store maybe, but I rather save my money for something I totally love. And of course I don't want to break up a set. Maybe if they go to 50% off or they sit there for another 2 weeks. Then I know they will come down on price if someone hasn't grabbed them. Plus I am just too cheap some days. (went back to look again and someone grabbed em up. Good for them!)

The same day I came across this one at a little thrift store by my house. I already have an Early American divided, but in white. I don't like this pattern enough to buy another. Plus I think I have 5 divided and I don't need anymore. But for $7 it is a good deal here in SoCal.

Another day another Salvation Army.  Why oh why do they price DWD so high? The Green Guy was priced at 6.99. And then the hard to find pieces are sorta just priced the same?  The Opal (not marked) was 12.99. Really? Come on guys get it freaking together!

And on Friday I saw this poor DWD extreme at Salvation Army for $6.99.  It is the pattern of Square flowers if you couldn't tell. SA had nothing that day except for this. I saw another lady looking at it. She also declined to purchase it.

Sometime weeks of treasure hunting just don't go in my favor. That is okay, I can also window shop the antique mall and dream and get idea of what NOT to pay.

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