Thursday, May 31, 2012

Schwinn Pixie

THM is getting so big. So tall and handsome.

We rode bikes a few weekends ago and noticed he was getting way to big for his 12 inch. There was one time in life when he was too small for this bike. Of course I have to hunt down a new bike. Shouldn't of went on Craigslist.

I totally found a 1960s/1970s Schwinn pixie. Bad shape. No fenders. Sad. I fell in love. Of course then I scrounged eBay. I found a red one, bad idea to show him. He wants it bad. I showed him a blue one. Didn't want it because it has 4 tires.

He doesn't want training wheels. Guess he is going to get to learn to ride a bike because I totally found on on Craigslist. Red.  How awesome is it? How cool is the vintage-ness. Who cares I had to drive over an hour to get it.
Before, rusted, dirty and that poor saddle.

So we made the trip down a few Saturdays ago. Came home with it.  Needed a new seat but my awesome self found one  at Bike-O-Rama in Lomita.

New Saddle!!!!! Perfect match, I cannot believe I found a matching one (vintage too!)
We took it down to the Bicycle Stand and have dropped it off so they can do a safety check and clean it. They  also put a bike pump on it for him.

After, notice the shine, the rust was taken off the wheels and fenders. (bike pump is MIA. the boy has it)

He still is getting the hang of it. Cannot ride it without help yet. But he is only 3. One day he will be whizzing by me.

My kids is happy as a clam. And it looks great with my Murray.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

No wordless Wednesday today

What a long weekend. I had some friends come over from out of state. We managed to get super sunburnt, thanks sunscreen for failing in some spots. We ate, and shopped and had a blast.

4 days off work was sooooo nice. Except I am super tired and am looking forward to going to bed at 8pm with THM tonight.

Yesterday we hit up Salvation Army, looking for a skirt for my friend Sarah for her sunburnt legs. We didn't find a skirt but I did find this (above) soup tureen and spaghetti plate. They are Los Angeles Pottery Company, 1972. I love the green color and the mushrooms. I bargained with the manager, they were marked 2 different prices and they sold it to me for the price of one. Sweet, they rock.

Saturday I went to San Diego to see my brother. I always stop at this little smelly thrift store a few blocks away. I come home with a new Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook, a Hazel Atlas pear, Mushroom platter thing,  wax tarts & some shorts for THM. Oh and a neat little bread thing with some bible verses in it.  I am not religious at all, but it was so darn interesting.  The Pyrex Measuring cups came from Friday's trip to SA. They are 8 & 4 cups. Also got the FireKing strawberry shortcake bowls for THM. (for a steal at $1 each) He loves them and they are the perfect size.

The beach was amazing. We spent 4 hours playing, burring each other and looking at horsehoe crabs. Oh and saw a guy who got stung by a stringray. His foot was bloody and he said it wasn't the first time it happened.

My weekend was packed. So I spent my time outside with friends. Now I can get back to normal and back with my internet friends. I missed you the last 4 days.

Friday, May 25, 2012


A few years ago I went down the the AIDS Thrift Shop here in Long Beach.  They normally have really good prices and tons of crap. Most of the stuff is junk. But sometimes they do have little gems.

Here they are in my china cabinet. Awful picture.

I came across 4 blue pixies. I had never seen them before but I could tell that they were Pyrex by the shape of the handle and the way the milk glass and color was. And yup I was right. I normally make Pie in them. I have made individual potatoes too. This morning I used them to make just 2 cinnamon rolls for THM's breakfast.

Last Friday for my wedding anniversary I made strawberry crumble. I had some strawberries I had to use.

 I made a mess. LOL.  Can you spy the arsenal of Pyrex?

How great does that look? Am I making you hungry? I am Hungry. BE HUNGRY!!!!

It bubbles up in the oven. Now about oven use.  Be careful Pyrex suggested that the temperature be 350-375 or BELOW. Don't use anything you would cry if it broke. And don't transfer from a hot oven to a cold surface. But it can go from freezer to oven!

THM said it tasted like strawberry oatmeal, but better. If I can please him, I can please anyone.

Want the recipe? I Googled strawberry crumble. Here it is...

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Greenhouse growth

So the greenhouse experiment is going great. 

I'm excited to say that the plastic bag method is working way better than the prepackaged type thing. I think all but 1 of the bags have something growing in them.

Whirlybird in the prepackaged thing did grow great.. Those had to be transplanted into cups.  But the rest just isn't going strong.

 I also transplanted a Zinna.

THM loves that they are growing. He walks by and admires his work. Always commenting on how they are getting so big.

I transplanted one of the baggies of basil into a mason jar. I wanted THM to be able to see the roots grow. All the herbs will get transplanted into various mason jars one they are mature enough. They will look awesome on my kitchen window sill.

All in all I love the baggie in the window method. It is a great way to sprout seeds.  And is teaching us about plants. Great little experiment for a 3 year old.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

WW- Cooking

Wordless Wednesday
(not really all that wordless)
Messes that occupy my kitchen.
I spy how much Pyrex?

Getting clean

Taco Tuesday

Monday, May 21, 2012

Yellow fridgie

Hello Monday!!!!  I hate Mondays. But I love meatless Mondays.  I made these the night before and just popped it in the oven for easy dinner.

Forest fancies and yellow fridgie

This recipe is a bit odd. I'm calling it "everything but the kitchen sink stuffed peppers".

Everything but the Kitchen Sink Stuffed Peppers
adapted from:crockpot365
6 bell peppers (your choice of colors)
1/2 cup spaghetti sauce
1 (15-ounce) can black beans
8 oz frozen corn
1 small onion, diced
tops of peppers diced
2 cups cooked couscous
1/2 teaspoon sweet paprika
1/4 teaspoon kosher salt
1/4 teaspoon black pepper
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese 
some mozzarella cheese for topping 

The Directions.

Cut the tops off of the peppers and remove the seeds and membranes from the inside of each. In a mixing bowl, combine the spaghetti sauce, beans, corn, onion, couscous, pepper, spices, and cheese. mix, stuff into peppers. Cook at 350 for about 1.5 hours or longer depending on how soft you want your peppers. Add mozzarella cheese about 15 minutes before you are ready and let melt. I added some water to the bottom.

Serve with fried potatoes & fresh fruit.

I only made 2 because we didn't need six.
Colors look so yummy.
I got sunburnt yesterday the pride parade. I love me some gay men in speedos. I even got some pictures if you all wanna see them.

Friday, May 18, 2012

More Pyrex I didn't buy

Look I'm leaving it for you all to find.

Salvation Army, Palos Verdes, CA $3.99
Pyrex England. Small, with flowers.
I saw this and I picked it up thinking it looked like Pyrex, but it didn't have that really shiny milky glass, more of a matte. (although does pick up shine in the picture)  Yup, marked Pyrex England on it. Left it there, it really didn't do anything for me. (as of yesterday it was gone)

Goodwill, Torrance, CA $5.99
Early American
Another freaking Early American. This thing keeps following me, but I do not want it. Cheapest I have found though. In a very rinky-dink goodwill. (went back a week later and it was gone)

Long Beach Antique Mall $45.00
Flame-ware teapot
Holy crap was this place outrageous with their pricing.  I really want a tea pot but not for that price! I will have to wait and find one another day at a thrift store.

Salvation Army, Palos Verdes, CA $10.00
OK I think this is the pattern I hate the most. I just do NOT care for it. I think because it doesn't scream retro funky to me. It more screams 90s grandma. Sorry if you do like the pattern. It just isn't me. I left it on the bottom shelf in collectibles if you really want it.

Oh and behind it in the picture you can see the DWD yellow bowl. Left that there too. been there for weeks.

There needs to be some good deals and great pieces coming my way. All this good karma I get from leaving Pyrex on the shelves for other lovers.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

WW - Crafts

Wordless Wednesday
Crafts that occupy my time.
Ispy bag

upcycled Pjs
Upcycled quilt


Monday, May 14, 2012

Daisy Divided

Daisy Divided---Lets just say I paid too much for this.  But oh my is it perfect for summer. I love it.

And at St. Paul thrift, which I don't like because they are more miss than hit, a hazel atlas strawberry dish. I'm gonna use it has a spoon rest for my coffee scooper.

Friday I got 3 canisters. I'm in the process of changing all my jars to these. They take up less space, are uniform and look awesome. I picked up the 2 avocado and one yellow at salvation army.

I also got a new purse. I love thrift store purses.

I did hit the jack pot finding this 4 quart Pyrex.  In Old Orchard. Ugly pattern, but I love it.  They only made 4 patterns this size and style. And I found one in Palo's Verdes, and used a coupon. THH reaction was, and I quote: "more shit"

Men and their nonsense. 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Greenhouse growth

It has been 1 week. And we have growth!!!!

Do not notice I spelled Basil wrong. I had a moment. I suck at spelling, see below
Whirlybird really took off.
We are so excited to have some seeds sprouting. THM and I both go right to them when we get home. They are soo awesome to see growing in the bags, you can see everything.

THH said he didn't think I could grow anything. Well look at those onions!!! Maybe I should try some medical? I don't have a permit or I would.

Zinnas were the first to start. Looks like I need some planters now. Gonna use some cups from work. Must remember cups and more soil.

Are your spring plants growing?

What THM gave me for Mom's day. A bookmark.
Planting was a great theme for the last 2 weeks. All flowed into Mothers day.  Worked great as it was the theme at preschool too. Oh yeah, making my kid a smart one. Mom's rock.

Happy Moters Day to the Worlds Greatest Moter ever.
(I once gave my mom a card that read worlds greatest moter instead of mother, hey was I was like 7 okay, they didn't have spell check back then.)

Friday, May 11, 2012

1960s Murray Meteor Flite

Isn't she a beauty? Her sleek lines. Her brilliant greenish blue color. Her working lights. Her retro charm.

And guess what? She is all mine! Thanks to my THH. Yes he bought her for me. He wanted to buy me a new bike for my  birthday.
This picture shows her true color. See a greenish blue.

My old bike has a fat tire and gets one about every 2 months. The Walmart special just isn't a great bike for me. I've had the Walmart special bike for about 5 years. THH also bought that one for me. We ride all over. It is a great Eco-friendly way to cruise Long Beach. I even rode my Walmart special 9 months pregnant garage sailing one day. It creeks and is rusty. The handles are foam and gross. It will always have a special place in my heart.

The little carrier thingie on the back
 By the Murray, oh my gosh.THH  and THM went for "a walk" the Saturday afternoon before my birthday. He went down to the local bike shop, The Bicycle Stand. He said he looked at it and said it was so me. He went to check out the other bike shop a block away but they were closed. When they returned home (I had been mopping the floors) and THM came up and proclaimed mama got a new bike! Well I looked at THH and he said, no she didn't. I then said very loudly to THM "for my next bike I would live a vintage beach cruiser in green". So Sunday morning when we woke up we putzed around and THH asked me if I wanted to go down to the bike shop and yes he wanted to get me a new one. One more reliable and nicer than the Walmart special since I love to ride. We walked down to the bike stand. I had never been there since it was sorta new. I walked in at the clean white walls, the array of commuter bikes and a few beach cruisers. The hairy man at the back greeted me and then said "hey again!" to THH and THM. THH showed me the bike. It was a vintage beach cruiser in a very beautiful green blue.

 It was love at first sight. I test drove it. It is smaller than Walmart special. Much better for my shorter frame. The seat fit my big butt. It didn't creek. It is so drool worthy. The lights work, they just need new bulbs which the shop is finding for me. It comes with a bike pump under the body of the frame. We ran home to make sure the bike trailer would fit. When we got back it fit and I test drove it with the trailer and THM. THM said it was better than the Walmart special. THH said he would buy it for me if I loved it, but we could look at the other shops. I knew this was my bike. She fit me. She felt right. So about 3 hours later (went to the bank, had lunch, stopped at rite aid) I got to ride her home.

All mine. We spent the next hour riding bikes. Then went inside and took a restful hour. Then THM rode next to me on his little 12inch bike for an hour. Of course we stopped by OLL apartment and showed it off. At this point THM was so tired he fell down 3 stairs, thank gosh his bike helmet was on. Didn't get hurt but was acting silly because his shoe fell off. Oh to be a 3 yer old again. Now nestled in the dinning  room, behind the couch is my new to me 1960s  Murray Meteor Flite. .

When we picked her up from the bike shop.
Now we are looking for a bike for THM. He has grown out of his current one. I think I found a Schwinn Pixie. I am so excited to go look at it this Saturday.

Riding at the school playground. My bum still hurts from riding on the back.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Wordless Wednesday
Bike  that occupy my heart.

Bikes at Bike-O-Rama
Bike art
THM and his bike
Our bikes at lunch