Friday, May 11, 2012

1960s Murray Meteor Flite

Isn't she a beauty? Her sleek lines. Her brilliant greenish blue color. Her working lights. Her retro charm.

And guess what? She is all mine! Thanks to my THH. Yes he bought her for me. He wanted to buy me a new bike for my  birthday.
This picture shows her true color. See a greenish blue.

My old bike has a fat tire and gets one about every 2 months. The Walmart special just isn't a great bike for me. I've had the Walmart special bike for about 5 years. THH also bought that one for me. We ride all over. It is a great Eco-friendly way to cruise Long Beach. I even rode my Walmart special 9 months pregnant garage sailing one day. It creeks and is rusty. The handles are foam and gross. It will always have a special place in my heart.

The little carrier thingie on the back
 By the Murray, oh my gosh.THH  and THM went for "a walk" the Saturday afternoon before my birthday. He went down to the local bike shop, The Bicycle Stand. He said he looked at it and said it was so me. He went to check out the other bike shop a block away but they were closed. When they returned home (I had been mopping the floors) and THM came up and proclaimed mama got a new bike! Well I looked at THH and he said, no she didn't. I then said very loudly to THM "for my next bike I would live a vintage beach cruiser in green". So Sunday morning when we woke up we putzed around and THH asked me if I wanted to go down to the bike shop and yes he wanted to get me a new one. One more reliable and nicer than the Walmart special since I love to ride. We walked down to the bike stand. I had never been there since it was sorta new. I walked in at the clean white walls, the array of commuter bikes and a few beach cruisers. The hairy man at the back greeted me and then said "hey again!" to THH and THM. THH showed me the bike. It was a vintage beach cruiser in a very beautiful green blue.

 It was love at first sight. I test drove it. It is smaller than Walmart special. Much better for my shorter frame. The seat fit my big butt. It didn't creek. It is so drool worthy. The lights work, they just need new bulbs which the shop is finding for me. It comes with a bike pump under the body of the frame. We ran home to make sure the bike trailer would fit. When we got back it fit and I test drove it with the trailer and THM. THM said it was better than the Walmart special. THH said he would buy it for me if I loved it, but we could look at the other shops. I knew this was my bike. She fit me. She felt right. So about 3 hours later (went to the bank, had lunch, stopped at rite aid) I got to ride her home.

All mine. We spent the next hour riding bikes. Then went inside and took a restful hour. Then THM rode next to me on his little 12inch bike for an hour. Of course we stopped by OLL apartment and showed it off. At this point THM was so tired he fell down 3 stairs, thank gosh his bike helmet was on. Didn't get hurt but was acting silly because his shoe fell off. Oh to be a 3 yer old again. Now nestled in the dinning  room, behind the couch is my new to me 1960s  Murray Meteor Flite. .

When we picked her up from the bike shop.
Now we are looking for a bike for THM. He has grown out of his current one. I think I found a Schwinn Pixie. I am so excited to go look at it this Saturday.

Riding at the school playground. My bum still hurts from riding on the back.


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