Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cactus and Dutch oven - cast iron

Story of the dutch oven:

My mom had this at her house ever since I could remember. I asked her for it many times and she would always tell me my Brother was going to get it. But I didn't give up. I continued to ask for it. Then one day I found out my brother has a cast iron dutch oven! YAY FOR ME!!!!!  I told her this and she sorta just brushed me off.  Then my mom comes out last September for THM's birthday. I pick her up form the airport. We go home. I help carry some of her bags. She puts her carry on bag on the table. Tells me to get the stuff out. I pull out this cast iron dutch oven out of her bag. She took this on the plane, from Michigan to California just for me. That sucker is heavy! I think she may just like me a little.

Now the Cactus pan I found in Phoenix. THM and I took the drive over to visit a friend and give her the wedding dress I made for her. In the process I broke our portable DVD player in a fit of rage when it wouldn't work. My bad.  But we had a great weekend. A weekend filled with, sewing, fondue, swimming and shopping.  This is where I introduced Sarah to goodwill shopping, pro style. Where she wanted a dress but the line for the fitting rooms was forever long and I told her to just put it on over her clothes. Needless to say I showed her how to get crate and barrel linens for cheap and converted her.

The happy couple. (I made that dress)

That Sunday her fiance (now hubby) and I let her sleep in and went to the large grocery store. We had fun messing around. On the way back I made my "turn so quick someone is going to poo their pants move" into a different  goodwill parking lot. I wanted to look around for a moment. He had not gone with us the day before. He had no clue what was in store for him.

We walked around. THM found a fire truck. I didn't see anything except a Pyrex bow I wasn't in love with. Then Shannon (friend hubby now) was holding the cactus pan. He went to put it down. I grabbed that sucker out of his hands so fast.  It had gum on the bottom. EWWWWWW I got that off without touching it. But behold the cast iron muffin pan. In Arizona! It was fate brought us together.

I was loud with excitement. I of course had to talk to myself and THM about how awesome it is and how it was so cool because we are in Arizona.  And I walked around the store beaming. Proclaiming my love for it.  Grasping it tight. While Shannon followed behind bright red and very embarrassed. He has no clue. Then of course after the 15 minutes or so of my proclaiming love for it I bought it.  Of course expressing my love to it to the cashier. And in the car and all the way back to their apartment. And I took this picture then.

Shannon told Sarah I was basically a crazy loon.

It makes awesome blueberry muffins.

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