Monday, May 14, 2012

Daisy Divided

Daisy Divided---Lets just say I paid too much for this.  But oh my is it perfect for summer. I love it.

And at St. Paul thrift, which I don't like because they are more miss than hit, a hazel atlas strawberry dish. I'm gonna use it has a spoon rest for my coffee scooper.

Friday I got 3 canisters. I'm in the process of changing all my jars to these. They take up less space, are uniform and look awesome. I picked up the 2 avocado and one yellow at salvation army.

I also got a new purse. I love thrift store purses.

I did hit the jack pot finding this 4 quart Pyrex.  In Old Orchard. Ugly pattern, but I love it.  They only made 4 patterns this size and style. And I found one in Palo's Verdes, and used a coupon. THH reaction was, and I quote: "more shit"

Men and their nonsense. 


  1. Nice finds! My hubby would love to say that...but he won't :)! I always tell him I could be doing a lot worse! ;)

  2. Yep...that's exactly what my guy says. More crap.

  3. The daisy dish is the pattern that Lynn sent the stew to us in. If she has a rummage sale, I will ask her if she wants to sell it. It is not divided.

  4. Thanks mom. Arron can kiss my bum on me having more crap. :)

  5. I have the 4 qt in the Homestead pattern, it's great for a ham!