Friday, May 4, 2012

Future home: Lake We-e

I grew up in Michigan. If you went on vacation you went "up north". Up north to us was this little dinky cabin, half the time with no running water and no shower when we did have water. It is located in Farwell. This town has nothing but the best labor day figure eight derby ever. My mom lives close to it now so it doesn't get much love. I'm trying to make her sell it to me. Or at least deed it over to me and my brothers.

"the Cabin"

The out side is green, has been ever since I was born. I don't think it has been any other color. Ever. I am gonna live in it one day. It is my fall back if anything happened and I have to move back. Use my savings for a new septic, buy an acre next to it, live off the grid. Maybe buy the whole little neighborhood.

Oh and the "lake". Is a blood sucker infested, catfish filled pond of gross. My mom bought this place many many moons ago.

The kitchen, dining in and living room are one big room. The furniture is hand me downs from my moms old house. TV never lasts around this place. They always break or the picture is pink. So no TV here.

Now the kitchen used to have awesome avocado green appliances and nasty 50s style cupboards. My mom had to go and get all fancy and use some hand me down cupboards to "spruce" it up.

The stove though is an awesome 3 burner. I think they got it at a yard sale up there.  Even has a outlet on it. And her cool little cast iron ash tray.

The bedroom is tiny, a full bed takes up all the room. I love that frame. Squeaky. And the window is creepy at night. I spent many days playing at that window. See there is a little slider thing and I used it to transfer things back and for between myself and my non existent friends.

The bathroom (right off the bedroom) has awesome frogs on it. It smells funky. And a showers that is the worst. And a 10 gallon water heater. (that sadly no longer works) 10 gallons is like 3 minutes. Showers rarely happened. We would "bathe" at the lake. You know swimming as a form of getting "clean".

 I spent my honey moon at this little cabin.  Happy 5th Anniversary this month to my awesome Hubby!


  1. Happy Anniversary - bet you would like to be heading to the cabin this weekend!

  2. I would love to be up there. My most favorite place in the whole world.