Sunday, May 13, 2012

Greenhouse growth

It has been 1 week. And we have growth!!!!

Do not notice I spelled Basil wrong. I had a moment. I suck at spelling, see below
Whirlybird really took off.
We are so excited to have some seeds sprouting. THM and I both go right to them when we get home. They are soo awesome to see growing in the bags, you can see everything.

THH said he didn't think I could grow anything. Well look at those onions!!! Maybe I should try some medical? I don't have a permit or I would.

Zinnas were the first to start. Looks like I need some planters now. Gonna use some cups from work. Must remember cups and more soil.

Are your spring plants growing?

What THM gave me for Mom's day. A bookmark.
Planting was a great theme for the last 2 weeks. All flowed into Mothers day.  Worked great as it was the theme at preschool too. Oh yeah, making my kid a smart one. Mom's rock.

Happy Moters Day to the Worlds Greatest Moter ever.
(I once gave my mom a card that read worlds greatest moter instead of mother, hey was I was like 7 okay, they didn't have spell check back then.)

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  1. And a Happy Moter Day to a great doter! Love ya.