Thursday, May 24, 2012

Greenhouse growth

So the greenhouse experiment is going great. 

I'm excited to say that the plastic bag method is working way better than the prepackaged type thing. I think all but 1 of the bags have something growing in them.

Whirlybird in the prepackaged thing did grow great.. Those had to be transplanted into cups.  But the rest just isn't going strong.

 I also transplanted a Zinna.

THM loves that they are growing. He walks by and admires his work. Always commenting on how they are getting so big.

I transplanted one of the baggies of basil into a mason jar. I wanted THM to be able to see the roots grow. All the herbs will get transplanted into various mason jars one they are mature enough. They will look awesome on my kitchen window sill.

All in all I love the baggie in the window method. It is a great way to sprout seeds.  And is teaching us about plants. Great little experiment for a 3 year old.

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