Friday, May 18, 2012

More Pyrex I didn't buy

Look I'm leaving it for you all to find.

Salvation Army, Palos Verdes, CA $3.99
Pyrex England. Small, with flowers.
I saw this and I picked it up thinking it looked like Pyrex, but it didn't have that really shiny milky glass, more of a matte. (although does pick up shine in the picture)  Yup, marked Pyrex England on it. Left it there, it really didn't do anything for me. (as of yesterday it was gone)

Goodwill, Torrance, CA $5.99
Early American
Another freaking Early American. This thing keeps following me, but I do not want it. Cheapest I have found though. In a very rinky-dink goodwill. (went back a week later and it was gone)

Long Beach Antique Mall $45.00
Flame-ware teapot
Holy crap was this place outrageous with their pricing.  I really want a tea pot but not for that price! I will have to wait and find one another day at a thrift store.

Salvation Army, Palos Verdes, CA $10.00
OK I think this is the pattern I hate the most. I just do NOT care for it. I think because it doesn't scream retro funky to me. It more screams 90s grandma. Sorry if you do like the pattern. It just isn't me. I left it on the bottom shelf in collectibles if you really want it.

Oh and behind it in the picture you can see the DWD yellow bowl. Left that there too. been there for weeks.

There needs to be some good deals and great pieces coming my way. All this good karma I get from leaving Pyrex on the shelves for other lovers.

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