Wednesday, May 30, 2012

No wordless Wednesday today

What a long weekend. I had some friends come over from out of state. We managed to get super sunburnt, thanks sunscreen for failing in some spots. We ate, and shopped and had a blast.

4 days off work was sooooo nice. Except I am super tired and am looking forward to going to bed at 8pm with THM tonight.

Yesterday we hit up Salvation Army, looking for a skirt for my friend Sarah for her sunburnt legs. We didn't find a skirt but I did find this (above) soup tureen and spaghetti plate. They are Los Angeles Pottery Company, 1972. I love the green color and the mushrooms. I bargained with the manager, they were marked 2 different prices and they sold it to me for the price of one. Sweet, they rock.

Saturday I went to San Diego to see my brother. I always stop at this little smelly thrift store a few blocks away. I come home with a new Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook, a Hazel Atlas pear, Mushroom platter thing,  wax tarts & some shorts for THM. Oh and a neat little bread thing with some bible verses in it.  I am not religious at all, but it was so darn interesting.  The Pyrex Measuring cups came from Friday's trip to SA. They are 8 & 4 cups. Also got the FireKing strawberry shortcake bowls for THM. (for a steal at $1 each) He loves them and they are the perfect size.

The beach was amazing. We spent 4 hours playing, burring each other and looking at horsehoe crabs. Oh and saw a guy who got stung by a stringray. His foot was bloody and he said it wasn't the first time it happened.

My weekend was packed. So I spent my time outside with friends. Now I can get back to normal and back with my internet friends. I missed you the last 4 days.

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