Friday, May 25, 2012


A few years ago I went down the the AIDS Thrift Shop here in Long Beach.  They normally have really good prices and tons of crap. Most of the stuff is junk. But sometimes they do have little gems.

Here they are in my china cabinet. Awful picture.

I came across 4 blue pixies. I had never seen them before but I could tell that they were Pyrex by the shape of the handle and the way the milk glass and color was. And yup I was right. I normally make Pie in them. I have made individual potatoes too. This morning I used them to make just 2 cinnamon rolls for THM's breakfast.

Last Friday for my wedding anniversary I made strawberry crumble. I had some strawberries I had to use.

 I made a mess. LOL.  Can you spy the arsenal of Pyrex?

How great does that look? Am I making you hungry? I am Hungry. BE HUNGRY!!!!

It bubbles up in the oven. Now about oven use.  Be careful Pyrex suggested that the temperature be 350-375 or BELOW. Don't use anything you would cry if it broke. And don't transfer from a hot oven to a cold surface. But it can go from freezer to oven!

THM said it tasted like strawberry oatmeal, but better. If I can please him, I can please anyone.

Want the recipe? I Googled strawberry crumble. Here it is...

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  1. I'm glad to see someone else uses their Pyrex! That's the fun of it. :)