Thursday, May 31, 2012

Schwinn Pixie

THM is getting so big. So tall and handsome.

We rode bikes a few weekends ago and noticed he was getting way to big for his 12 inch. There was one time in life when he was too small for this bike. Of course I have to hunt down a new bike. Shouldn't of went on Craigslist.

I totally found a 1960s/1970s Schwinn pixie. Bad shape. No fenders. Sad. I fell in love. Of course then I scrounged eBay. I found a red one, bad idea to show him. He wants it bad. I showed him a blue one. Didn't want it because it has 4 tires.

He doesn't want training wheels. Guess he is going to get to learn to ride a bike because I totally found on on Craigslist. Red.  How awesome is it? How cool is the vintage-ness. Who cares I had to drive over an hour to get it.
Before, rusted, dirty and that poor saddle.

So we made the trip down a few Saturdays ago. Came home with it.  Needed a new seat but my awesome self found one  at Bike-O-Rama in Lomita.

New Saddle!!!!! Perfect match, I cannot believe I found a matching one (vintage too!)
We took it down to the Bicycle Stand and have dropped it off so they can do a safety check and clean it. They  also put a bike pump on it for him.

After, notice the shine, the rust was taken off the wheels and fenders. (bike pump is MIA. the boy has it)

He still is getting the hang of it. Cannot ride it without help yet. But he is only 3. One day he will be whizzing by me.

My kids is happy as a clam. And it looks great with my Murray.

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  1. Holy Smokes! I love that kid, (and the bike).