Monday, May 7, 2012

THM's Greenhouse

Last week THM came home from school and asked if we could make a greenhouse. Of course we can!

He then explained to me he wanted to do it like they do at school. They take baggies and fill them and put them in the window. The baggies keep the moisture in.
His ducky watering can. how adorable.

Dirt: boys best friend

What you will need:
  • seeds.... We did onion, parsley, basil. strawberry, zinna, cilantro, whirlybird and parsley
  • baggies.... That zipper close
  • soil... we used seed starter, recommended by the guy at the store
  • water
  • paper
  • pen
  • tape... something that sticks well, we had one or 2 fall off and have to be re-taped.
Layer in baggies, soil, water, seeds, soil, water. Write what is growing in the inside, on the outside of the baggie. Tape to window. Keep it watered. 

I only had pink tape. HEHE
The guy at OSH said they need to stay watered and moist for growth. The baggies are going their job!
One THM picked out.

We made it a day Saturday to make our greenhouses and go shopping for the stuff. THM had so much fun looking at all the stuff at the hardware store.  He even picked out a little cactus for himself.

So Saturday we got to learn all about how to plant a garden. Hopefully some of this stuff grows. I don't have the greenest thumb.  It was something fun and cheap to do and let us play in the dirt.


  1. awesome project!! I have a couple great porch windows to try this on! The boy will be super excited!