Monday, June 4, 2012

The beast - 4 Quart Pyrex

Man this thing is huge. It is 4 quarts of amazingness. The pattern is Old Orchard.  I have a few pieces int his pattern. But only one of these bad boys. They made only 4 patterns in this style. Snowflake, Spring Blossom, Old Orchard and Homestead.

I want all 4.

I found this at Salvation Army in Torrance, CA. I managed to use a coupon and got it for less than $10. How awesome is that?

The first time I got to use it is when my friend Sarah came over and made dinner for us. This Pyrex piece is for a big dinner so I am glad I had a reason to use it.

I would give you the recipe but I don't know it and it isn't meatless... no meatless Monday today.


  1. I have the Homestead one, my daughter found it at a salvation Army, in the original box! It's great for cooking a ham!

  2. How awesome to have the box! And lid then I take it? I'm on the hunt for the lid for it.