Sunday, June 10, 2012

For trade

Okay so I live in the Los Angeles area, close to the OC. Why I telling you this? Because I have a few Pyrex peices I don't want. And we could do a local trade! Local because I have 0 faith in USPS. They will break stuff, and I don't want any Pyrex to die.

 Here is what is up for trade:

Grab it. Perfect, has lid, has plastic lid. No chips, no cracks.

Pink Gooseberry 401 no marks. No chips

Yellow gooseberry 404 no marks, a few flea bites.

Spring blossom square baker. Great condition, no chips or cracks

Small carafe. No lid (corning)

Glasbake green flower design, no chips or cracks, no marks

I'm sure more will come up over time. Hubby says I am only allowed to keep what I can fit in my china cabinet and cupboards. I'm being a good wife and making space for more treasures. And I would love to find some certain pieces that finish sets. And meet new Pyrex Lovers.


  1. I would like to trade you for the pink gooseberry bowl, what print are you looking for? Anything in particular? My email is if you're interested.

  2. Looking for the large Butterprint fridgie, spring blossom loaf, and some other fridgies. And pie plates.

  3. Hello! I stopped over from the Pyrex Collective! I'm interested in trading for your Spring Blossom Square Baker; you can check out my post if you are interested. =)

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  5. Is the 401 still around? I am in So Cal!

    For Trade I have:

    I have Amish casseroles, Town and Country divided, friendship casseroles, and amish cinderella mixing bowl.

    I have almost the complete set of the Glasbake you show here - with lids (:

    And I have a set of the French themed Spice of Life Corning Ware with lids and a casserole in the Pastel pattern with a lid. I have tons of misc. lids too. Don't know what they all go to (:

    1. Yes I still have the 401. I'm interested in what friendship you have. And yay for another collector here in SoCal.

      Feel free to email me.

      I have added a few to my trade list. I have a green dots now for trade too.