Thursday, June 7, 2012

Gooseberry and good food

Once a year I have to take my 84 year old boss to Santa Monica for his hip check up and yearly physical. We make a day of it and eat at a pricey restaurant. This year knowing I had about an hour and 15 minutes to kill during s physical I went and did a little thrifting.

I stopped at a salvation army. It was dirty and had very little housewares. I got in my car disappointed before I saw the boutique store was right next to it. Yay! They had china cabinets full of fancy glaaswares. Then I spotted it on a low shelf, not in a cabinet. A Gooseberry 444. Also with it was an early American chip and dip set. Why is early American following me around? I don't care for it. I have one divided of it and I don't want more. Anyways it was faded (the gold) and not worth it for the price, also missing the metal dip holder. But the gooseberry came home with me. I love the color. I just love it.

Then I stopped by goodwill. It was a big clean one. With tons of stuff. And guess what? Another freaking early American. Really? Well for $3 I grabbed it. I actually like this size. I like that it is the perfect cereal bowl. So hopefully that ends the Early American following me around.

 Then it was to lunch. We stopped a few years ago at Pacific Dining Car.
 They serve you real cold butter, fresh bread, cokes cost $5 a glass.
 Yeah expensive lunch. (expensive for me. I'm a cheap gal)

It is dated but has that old Hollywood feel. The waiters wear really nice looking uniforms. One guy stands in the room ready at any moment to refill your water. They are known for their steaks. I don't eat steak.
I had the chicken caesar salad. Chicken was moist. Salad was crispy. Perfect dressing. My boss had a cheeseburger and real chips. Like made in house, still hot from the oil.  They were yummy

The for dessert I had the house special. Chocolate souffle. Took 30 minutes to come. It was perfection. Served hot with homemade whipped cream. Not cool whip. My boss had the hot fudge brownie Sundae. It was huge.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars. Why not 5? Only my moms cooking will ever get 5 stars. Moms just rule like that. All in all it was a good day out of the office. I love food.

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