Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Napkin rings and Salt Shaker

According to Corelle Corner Pyrex Compatibles was introduced in 1972 to go with Corelle Livingware.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on napkin rings and a lonely salt shaker about 6 years ago.

{These are awful pictures.}

 I got a set of Spring Blossom and Snowflake Blue. 6 clear glass rings with the design on them. One set even came with a box. The box on back has the many way you could arrange your napkin. I have yet to master any of their ways.
 I did have a set of Spring Blossom Salt and Pepper Shakers but THH broke one. He still owes me a new one. I know he follows this blog, so I hope he comes home with the replacement soon. It has been like 3 years man, replace what you broke. Everyone seems really lost on how to use it. LOL  No really. I have to tell people the salt will come out, just keep a finer on the top since you don;t wanna shake too hard and it ruin your meal.

I really needed to redo this shot. One day. The napkin rings are dainty enough that they don't overpower the simplicity of the white cloth napkins.

I have never used them on my table. I just never had a reason, or matching dishes. But I do now have the matching snowflake blue dishes so hopefully I have a reason to use them this winter. 


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