Friday, June 15, 2012

Pyrex I didn't buy......4

Man I thought I was going insane this month. I didn't buy a ton of Pyrex. Why? Because I just wasn't in love with some. Well most I came across. Not listed here is EA chip and dip set, minus bracket..... Half a set EA mixing bowls, various clear Pyrex, daisy divided.


Butterfly gold mixing bowl
Salvation army, Long Beach, CA 
Really for one bowl? Give me a break, it isn't pink it is butterfly gold! I did see a lady take the largest bowl from under it. But they should of sold it as a set. In decent condition though.

Clear Pyrex in metal holder
Salvation Army, Torrance, CA

I'm not a huge fan of clear, even though this is older. I like it but not for $18. Even on a 30% off day it is just not my style. But in awesome shape

Woodland oval Cinderella
Salvation Army, Torrance, CA

I carried this around for a while but I put it back. I like the size and shape but I have 3 at home, and this one didn't really do it for me.

Woodland round Cinderella
Salvation Army, Torrance, CA

Another woodland! Must have came from the same person who donated the above. Again not my style.

Homestead Mixing Bowl
Goodwill, Rolling Hills, CA

Why hello Homestead. I don't like you please stop following me. Thank you. 

Update on some I didn't buy last month: the homestead and verde (DWD) mixing bowl went 50% off. Still there as of yesterday

Hopefully this makes SA revise their pricing a little. Nobody wants the not so pretty (no offense who likes homestead) for an outrageous  price. All in all I feel pretty good for leaving all that for you to find. Don't forget I wanna trade or sell some of my treasures. Interested let me know.

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