Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pyrex Prize Recipes #2

Recipe #2 made from Pyrex Prize Recipes
Creole Spaghetti

Not a hit. Sorta, well really big, MISS!

I had such high hopes for this dish. I wanted it to become a regular in my rotation. But it just fell flat. Sorta bland, not pretty and too many steps for a weeknight meal.

Pyrex measuring cups, spring blossom butter dish
 It has so much going on I thought it might have too many different flavors swishing around. THH said he couldn't taste the onion which surprised him.
onions and celery
 Now one thing I love about this book is it calls for bacon fat to brown the onions.  Most would say "who in there right mind has bacon fat laying around?" I do, that is who.
Bacon grease

I started collecting my bacon fat over 4 years ago. Maybe even longer. I have used the same jar since. An old jelly jar.  I keep it in the fridge. I use it for just about anything that needs a bit of frying.  I do strain my bacon grease before pour it in.  THH hates my jar of grease. It has to be my favorite thing in my fridge. I think my mom has one too.

Back to the recipe.  It called for a square baker. I used the one my mom gave me a few months back. I have 2 (one is up for trade or sale) I also mixed the loaf ingredients on a 440 snowflake. I got that from a neighbor behind us for about $3, 5 years ago.
All done. Hot and steamy. Does not look like the picture in the book. I hope the next recipe makes up for the flop of this one.

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  1. You're brave trying those recipes - I have the book too - there's some strange recipes in there.. Good luck with the next one.....