Monday, June 25, 2012

Pyrex Prize Recipes #3 - chocolate pudding cake

Recipe #2 made from Pyrex Prize Recipes
  Upside Down Chocolate Cake

THH has always told me about this upside down chocolate cake his mom makes. Never heard of it or ever tasting it I never gave a second thought to it until I got the Pyrex recipe book. Then I saw the recipe for upside down chocolate pudding cake. Hmmmmmm could this be the same cake? So yesterday I figured I would make it. I had everything to so why not? THM was painting at his little table with puffy paint and I was in the kitchen cooking away anyways.

 Lets see what we have here. Butter in the Spring Blossom Pyrex Compatibles butter dish, milk in an anchor halking measuring cup, salt in a mason jar and way in beak a speckled lines chip bowl.  A simple eggless cake.
 I put a mystery ingredient in mine. Cherries. Because I had a a bunch that needed to be used.
This is the topping. I don't know how this cake works, but you put this topping on the top. Just sugar, bowl sugar and cocoa powder. (Pink Gooseberry)

  See on top. It is a really thick layer.
 But then you pour boiling water over it and do not stir.
 And put it in the oven. It is next to dinner, chicken, broccoli, peas and rice casserole. (desert dawn baker)
 Dinner....... YUMMMY
And this is what it turns out like. A cake on top and pudding on bottom.

THH said it was exactly like his moms. (except mine had cherries, they were huge chunks so they were a burst of cherry flavor every once and a while.)  HAHA! I did it. No more mystery about this chocolate upside down cake anymore. We ate the entire thing.


  1. That looks amazing! Chocolate + cherries = Yummmm!

  2. you need to post the recipe because that upside down chocolate cake looks amazing!