Thursday, June 28, 2012

A whole ton of Pyrex

My husband thinks I am not oozing with love (I know he reads this).  But I think these picture prove otherwise.

I'm not all sunshine and rainbows. I get pissy, snap at people and sometimes you may even call me a Bitch. I won't argue that I am a spitfire.  I am rather unpleasant someday. I am pretty sure I am unpleasant every morning.

But on Father's Day we let him sleep in. I made him an awesome lunch.

Butterprint, butterfly gold, yellow & red hostess, spring blossom gravy boat, butter dish and salt shaker. Meadow plates.
 A full spread. Fresh green beans, real mashed potatoes, deviled eggs, rolls, gravy. And a Turkey.

Spring Blossom Lasagna Pan
Weird Father's day dinner, but I had the turkey and it needed to be eaten. And of course I got to use my Pyrex.


The red Hostess is slightly smaller than the yellow. They look smashing next to each other. The food doesn't help. It was soooooooo good.

The eggs go perfectly in the butterfly gold.  I normally use my Fire-King egg tray but since I didn't make 12, I used the small Butterfly gold dish.


So there Husband, I am oooooooozing with love.... damn it.

My  3 Arrons on Dad's day about to launch a rocket.

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