Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WW: Quilt squares

Wordless Wednesday
(not really all that wordless) 
Quilt Squares that occupy my laundry room.
I started this quilt on January first. I've slacked off but I am going back into full force.  It is from the book The Farmers Sampler Quilt.  Described on Amazon as: 
In 1922 The Farmer's Wife magazine posed this question to their readers: If you had a daughter of marriageable age would you in light of your own experience have her marry a farmer? The magazine at that time had 750000 subscribers and received over 7000 letters. The best answers to this question are included in this book along with the traditional quilt blocks they inspired. 111 six-inch quilt blocks complete instructions for making a sampler quilt in any size CD with easy-to-print full-sized templates for all 111 blocks and 42 letters from the contest to give you a glimpse into our country's past.
The fabric I chose is nothing special, no fancy fabric here. Just whatever I like that day. I have been trying to get fabric from different people, like my mom. I have written in the book where I have received the fabric and what day I made it. I also not any problems I had or any notes from the day. Like a diary of sorts.  

Look for more Wordless Wednesday Quilt Square editions to come.
Block 3 - basket
Block 5 - Bat Wing
Block 4 - Basket weave
Block 11- Broken Dishes

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