Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pyrex Bake-a-Round


Anyone know what movie that is from? Anyways a few weekends ago THM wanted to go bowling. I love bowling, I have my own ball, shoes and bag I like it so much.  I got 2 free games for him, but we ha to drive to a little bit farther away alley.  We stopped for breakfast and I said "I'm gonna run into that Salvation Army real quick."

Those trips are never quick.  But I did make that one quick. I wanted to go bowling. 

I found the squirrel salt and pepper shaker set.  Something screamed to me about it. 

Then I found this wood grain canister. I wanted to knock a lady out of my way. I didn't, hoping  she wouldn't pick it up. She was taking longer than I would like right in front of it. I took my chances and politely said excuse me and grabbed it. It has a small chip in the rim. But I love these canisters.  And it goes so great with the squirrel. It holds my powdered sugar now.

And then I did my "one more walk around glance." You know the walk you just glance at the shelves to double check you didn't miss anything. I spotted this on an end cap.

 A Pyrex Bake-a-Round!!!!! I instantly knew what it was. Wound you have? You bake bread in it. I was thankful enough to get the directions from a collector on flicker. When I get laid off I am going to be making some bread. It was one of my 2 non-dish "wants" of Pyrex. Now to find that glass rolling pin. I am super excited about it. I bet most people who saw it had no clue what it was. A glass tube and some metal holder thingie. But I do my research and can spot the oddest things. 

Not a bad haul for a 10 minute trip in. We also got 2 fishing poles, one for me and one for THH. THM already had one. We have spent a bunch of this summer fishing in the ocean. We haven't caught one fish yet. And my freezer smells like stinky mussels. 

THM fishing for the first time ever.

 Hope you are having an awesome summer.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Woodland Fridgie and Legos

It has been a while. Why you may ask? SUMMER!

First there was the apartment we wanted, but I decided against. Something didn't feel right, and when something doesn't feel right to me there is a meaning for it.  So for now we stopped looking and will pick back up towards the end of August.

Also we have spent some time swimming. Like last weekend we hit up both my brother's house and my father in law's house. I am all sun-kissed and caked with sunblock.

Lego table $6.50 Baras Foundation, San Diego, CA

Now that hasn't stopped me from thrifting. I actually took a half day of work Friday and headed out to West Covina for some Goodwill shopping since they do not participate in shopgoodwill.com (like ebay but goodwill).  I came home with this:

Woodland Fridgie, $1.99 Goodwill, West Covina, CA  

I also got a pair of jeans, a tank top, a stove top waffle iron and some shorts for THH.

Saturday we had some time to kill so we stopped at the Baras Foundation in San Diego. They had an awesome red table I wanted but not for $90.  We did however find a lego table (pictured above) and these awesome canisters:

White Pyrex Cansiters, $2.50 each Baras Foundation, San Diego, CA
Swimmin. My 3yo is learning to swim. he is getting brave and not using his floaties.

And I came home to this in my living room. I got the bed all to myself that night :)
Sunday I also got some stuff, but it was in the drying rack this morning and I didn't have time to take a picture. Stay tuned, I will do those Thursday.  Stay tuned tomorrow for "Pyrex I didn't buy" there has been a ton the last 2 weeks.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What to do.

What do you do when you are stuck making a decision?

Back story. We live in a 1 bedroom. I am fine with it. I love my apartment. I hate change it freaks me out. I'm being laid off next month so adding another change may make me have a breakdown.

We found a 2 bedroom. I loved it at first but I have talked myself sick. Like I wanna dry all day and throw up sick.

 Do I move?

 Pros of my home now:
Laundry hookups
Hardwood Dining
space separate from living space
 1920s charm (built ins, original tile, deep tub)
 Small shared yard
 Only 1 set of stairs to go up
 Linen closet
Shared patio with stairs into small yard (so a front and back door)
 Tons of windows
Feels like my home, I brought my baby to this home. I watched him take his first steps there, I stayed up long hours looking out the window at 3 am nursing him. I am proud to show people the charm and I feel at home.

Pros of maybe place
2 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
private  balcony
Sky light
Tons of attic storage
the  view (city and mountains)
Small street
Cathedral ceilings
Lots of light

 Cons of my home now
 1 bedroom
 No parking
 The view (of a bust street)
 on busy street

Cons of maybe place:
Coin laundry
 No yard Carpet
3rd floor
Newish everything.

 I don't know if we should sign the lease or not. Do I go for the extra bath and bedroom with no charm and no separate dining space? Or do I stay where I am and break my sons heart? THM loves the place we looked at. I am not making my final decision on him, but he is a huge factor.

 The price difference is $375 per month we can afford, me working or not.

I would post pictures but I need some opinions of the straight facts.

The place I live now has 8 units separated into 2 buildings. The maybe place is 8 units in one building.

 Questions I have asked myself:
Where would I put a Christmas tree?
 How would I get the bikes upstairs and where to keep them?
Could I get a portable washer and air dry?
Would my son actually sleep in his own room?
Would I hate myself if we moved here?
 Where would I sew?
Can I picture myself here?
 How would I store my DVDs and books?
 What if my furniture doesn't fit?

Any other questions I should ask myself? THH says he doesn't care, oh how I wished he would. My child cried when I said I didn't know if we should move. He likes it, I did too but now I've given myself too much time to think and I'm freaking the $&:)(?&/ out.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Town and Country ... Solids.

Happy 4th of July! I know I'm a late. I had Thursday and Friday off from work and THM wanted to go to school Friday instead of stay home so I hit up a few thrift stores.

I asked OLL  Thrusday  if she wanted to go with me and she had an appointment so THM and I ran over to idea for a mattress protector. He needed a new one. his old one was junk and made him really hot when he slept.  On our way there we swag by Salvation Army in Costa Mesa. We didn't find any thing until I ran through bric-a-brad one last time and spotted this "club" pot.

 Such a beautiful color. And 30% odd the $4.99 they wanted. I love pans and pots like this, being so heavy. It boils water fast and stuff doesn't stick. We also picked up 4 Lumilargo cups. I love the thin glass and plastic holders. Paid $1.49 for them.

So Friday, since I had some time to myself, OLL went on a little date. We hit up Salvation Army in Downey, CA. I scored this Warnign Blendor (not blender). It is heavy. It has a timer. It is a beast. Paid $4.20 for it. I also picked up a cool purse. The tag has been cut off, but it feels like a Mary Poppins carpet bag. Stuff could get lost in it.

 Then I asked her if she wanted to hit up one more store. I used my GPS to search thrift. I came across a Value Villiage. I have never been to one but know people love them. We walked in. It was huge. I didn't see any Pyrex. I really hoped I would. I turned a corner and what did I find? A percolator. I've been looking for another. I wanted to get my mom one. And her birthday is next month! Total score for $9.92 (VV price was high IMO). Her computer is broke to she cannot read this or I wouldn't post it.

Then OLL (my lucky charm, I swear) had something in her hand. Really could it be? A fridgie. I had my moment of gasp and that feeling of being high. Then I spotted another, a 502. Gahh my lucky day! Then another, a divided. I decided to not get the divided but OLL did get it. It is town and country. The yellow fridgies is a buttery yellow. It is part of the solid town and country set.  I think the orange goes with the set, or the daisy set. I am not sure . They also had some butterfly gold. That has been following me lately along with early American.

 All in all I am pretty darn happy to have come home with some new treasures. A Small load for 5 days off, but hey I did my best, and had my lucky charm.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Orange.... Daisy!

Last week I was talking to my 84 year old boss about goodwill. He has never been in one. Scary I know.

Anyways later int he week I had to take my donations to salvation army. I headed inside before I dropped off my stuff to see what they had. Nothing. Boo... Until turned the last corner and BAM! Orange fridgie with lid. I snapped that up so fast. The color must have taken more over I beamed with happiness. I paid right then. And left a vary happy treasure hunter. Now to find the other 3 pieces. It is part of the Daisy set. A variety of orange and yellows.  I like this set as it is solid colors and very summery.

Then on Friday I headed over to Salvation Army by my house to do my Friday run. I don't know but Pyrex sure has been hard to find this summer. Well anything I like or in my price range. I did however find this Daisy casserole. I got it for 30% off too!

I also picked up Ratatouille and Enchanted for 30% the SA price. I love finding great DVDs for THM at cheap prices. Beats paying $20 or more at like Bust Buy. I'm trying to get most of the Disney and Pixar films for him. I still have mine on VHS. I love watching them.

We have been apartment hunting lately. We need a bigger space bad. So on our way to an apartment we hit up an estate sale. It was pretty much picked over.  I did however get this really cool mirror "Nickle Shave" for my bathroom for $1. and I got a smaller sign that needs a little touch up. I also picked up a lid to a percolator and a dumb plastic toy for THM (not pictured) I spent a whole $2.

Should of used the flash
All in all a good weekend, but no new apartment.