Monday, July 2, 2012

Orange.... Daisy!

Last week I was talking to my 84 year old boss about goodwill. He has never been in one. Scary I know.

Anyways later int he week I had to take my donations to salvation army. I headed inside before I dropped off my stuff to see what they had. Nothing. Boo... Until turned the last corner and BAM! Orange fridgie with lid. I snapped that up so fast. The color must have taken more over I beamed with happiness. I paid right then. And left a vary happy treasure hunter. Now to find the other 3 pieces. It is part of the Daisy set. A variety of orange and yellows.  I like this set as it is solid colors and very summery.

Then on Friday I headed over to Salvation Army by my house to do my Friday run. I don't know but Pyrex sure has been hard to find this summer. Well anything I like or in my price range. I did however find this Daisy casserole. I got it for 30% off too!

I also picked up Ratatouille and Enchanted for 30% the SA price. I love finding great DVDs for THM at cheap prices. Beats paying $20 or more at like Bust Buy. I'm trying to get most of the Disney and Pixar films for him. I still have mine on VHS. I love watching them.

We have been apartment hunting lately. We need a bigger space bad. So on our way to an apartment we hit up an estate sale. It was pretty much picked over.  I did however get this really cool mirror "Nickle Shave" for my bathroom for $1. and I got a smaller sign that needs a little touch up. I also picked up a lid to a percolator and a dumb plastic toy for THM (not pictured) I spent a whole $2.

Should of used the flash
All in all a good weekend, but no new apartment.


  1. I love that orange fridgie! I have one of the little ones. Hope you find the rest to complete your set soon :)

  2. Can't go wrong with the orange - love it!

  3. love the colors. I would have bought them.