Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pyrex Bake-a-Round


Anyone know what movie that is from? Anyways a few weekends ago THM wanted to go bowling. I love bowling, I have my own ball, shoes and bag I like it so much.  I got 2 free games for him, but we ha to drive to a little bit farther away alley.  We stopped for breakfast and I said "I'm gonna run into that Salvation Army real quick."

Those trips are never quick.  But I did make that one quick. I wanted to go bowling. 

I found the squirrel salt and pepper shaker set.  Something screamed to me about it. 

Then I found this wood grain canister. I wanted to knock a lady out of my way. I didn't, hoping  she wouldn't pick it up. She was taking longer than I would like right in front of it. I took my chances and politely said excuse me and grabbed it. It has a small chip in the rim. But I love these canisters.  And it goes so great with the squirrel. It holds my powdered sugar now.

And then I did my "one more walk around glance." You know the walk you just glance at the shelves to double check you didn't miss anything. I spotted this on an end cap.

 A Pyrex Bake-a-Round!!!!! I instantly knew what it was. Wound you have? You bake bread in it. I was thankful enough to get the directions from a collector on flicker. When I get laid off I am going to be making some bread. It was one of my 2 non-dish "wants" of Pyrex. Now to find that glass rolling pin. I am super excited about it. I bet most people who saw it had no clue what it was. A glass tube and some metal holder thingie. But I do my research and can spot the oddest things. 

Not a bad haul for a 10 minute trip in. We also got 2 fishing poles, one for me and one for THH. THM already had one. We have spent a bunch of this summer fishing in the ocean. We haven't caught one fish yet. And my freezer smells like stinky mussels. 

THM fishing for the first time ever.

 Hope you are having an awesome summer.

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