Monday, July 9, 2012

Town and Country ... Solids.

Happy 4th of July! I know I'm a late. I had Thursday and Friday off from work and THM wanted to go to school Friday instead of stay home so I hit up a few thrift stores.

I asked OLL  Thrusday  if she wanted to go with me and she had an appointment so THM and I ran over to idea for a mattress protector. He needed a new one. his old one was junk and made him really hot when he slept.  On our way there we swag by Salvation Army in Costa Mesa. We didn't find any thing until I ran through bric-a-brad one last time and spotted this "club" pot.

 Such a beautiful color. And 30% odd the $4.99 they wanted. I love pans and pots like this, being so heavy. It boils water fast and stuff doesn't stick. We also picked up 4 Lumilargo cups. I love the thin glass and plastic holders. Paid $1.49 for them.

So Friday, since I had some time to myself, OLL went on a little date. We hit up Salvation Army in Downey, CA. I scored this Warnign Blendor (not blender). It is heavy. It has a timer. It is a beast. Paid $4.20 for it. I also picked up a cool purse. The tag has been cut off, but it feels like a Mary Poppins carpet bag. Stuff could get lost in it.

 Then I asked her if she wanted to hit up one more store. I used my GPS to search thrift. I came across a Value Villiage. I have never been to one but know people love them. We walked in. It was huge. I didn't see any Pyrex. I really hoped I would. I turned a corner and what did I find? A percolator. I've been looking for another. I wanted to get my mom one. And her birthday is next month! Total score for $9.92 (VV price was high IMO). Her computer is broke to she cannot read this or I wouldn't post it.

Then OLL (my lucky charm, I swear) had something in her hand. Really could it be? A fridgie. I had my moment of gasp and that feeling of being high. Then I spotted another, a 502. Gahh my lucky day! Then another, a divided. I decided to not get the divided but OLL did get it. It is town and country. The yellow fridgies is a buttery yellow. It is part of the solid town and country set.  I think the orange goes with the set, or the daisy set. I am not sure . They also had some butterfly gold. That has been following me lately along with early American.

 All in all I am pretty darn happy to have come home with some new treasures. A Small load for 5 days off, but hey I did my best, and had my lucky charm.

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