Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What to do.

What do you do when you are stuck making a decision?

Back story. We live in a 1 bedroom. I am fine with it. I love my apartment. I hate change it freaks me out. I'm being laid off next month so adding another change may make me have a breakdown.

We found a 2 bedroom. I loved it at first but I have talked myself sick. Like I wanna dry all day and throw up sick.

 Do I move?

 Pros of my home now:
Laundry hookups
Hardwood Dining
space separate from living space
 1920s charm (built ins, original tile, deep tub)
 Small shared yard
 Only 1 set of stairs to go up
 Linen closet
Shared patio with stairs into small yard (so a front and back door)
 Tons of windows
Feels like my home, I brought my baby to this home. I watched him take his first steps there, I stayed up long hours looking out the window at 3 am nursing him. I am proud to show people the charm and I feel at home.

Pros of maybe place
2 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
private  balcony
Sky light
Tons of attic storage
the  view (city and mountains)
Small street
Cathedral ceilings
Lots of light

 Cons of my home now
 1 bedroom
 No parking
 The view (of a bust street)
 on busy street

Cons of maybe place:
Coin laundry
 No yard Carpet
3rd floor
Newish everything.

 I don't know if we should sign the lease or not. Do I go for the extra bath and bedroom with no charm and no separate dining space? Or do I stay where I am and break my sons heart? THM loves the place we looked at. I am not making my final decision on him, but he is a huge factor.

 The price difference is $375 per month we can afford, me working or not.

I would post pictures but I need some opinions of the straight facts.

The place I live now has 8 units separated into 2 buildings. The maybe place is 8 units in one building.

 Questions I have asked myself:
Where would I put a Christmas tree?
 How would I get the bikes upstairs and where to keep them?
Could I get a portable washer and air dry?
Would my son actually sleep in his own room?
Would I hate myself if we moved here?
 Where would I sew?
Can I picture myself here?
 How would I store my DVDs and books?
 What if my furniture doesn't fit?

Any other questions I should ask myself? THH says he doesn't care, oh how I wished he would. My child cried when I said I didn't know if we should move. He likes it, I did too but now I've given myself too much time to think and I'm freaking the $&:)(?&/ out.


  1. Well I've not seen the new place but you have made every where you and Arron have been charming. You know how to make a place a home. Make the extra bedroom a shared room with THM. It would be like having your own craft room. Upside if you decide to go for it. More room for family growth hint hint. Another plus it does't have to be permanent. THH cares he is happy as long as his family is together and you are happy. I think he could live in a box as long as you and Arron were there. Love you

  2. Like I said already, if you're not in a rush...then take your time and find the "right" place. I know you enough to know that if you have doubts like you do, then you need to listen to your gut. Yes, you could make that new place charming, but will you love shlepping laundry down and up the stairs to take to the laundro-mat? Even if you get a portable washer (which btw, you will be limited to small big blankets or comforters fit in those), hanging everything to air dry is gonna get old and you'll want to take loads to get dried. You'll be hating that. I know THM loves the place, but he'll be okay if you don't take it and wait to find a place that you will feel less doubt about. 3rd floor is alot more stairs than you have now. You guys are find in your place right why rush the change? Don't settle my darling friend.