Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lids and Dots

Words to the wise.  Never leave a lid. Never leave a lidless dish just because it is lidless. 


11 lids. Meaning I don't have to leave 11 lidless dishes. I found all of these at goodwill in Corona.

I also found the Strawberry Corelle there. They were marked 20 for $14.99. But there wasn't 20 of them. We looked, hoping to find the plates and bowls. So they repriced them better for me. Since i really only wanted them for the cream and sugar, but I had to take the 4 cups too. I love them. 

Now I did buy a knock off piece. Pyr-o-rey platter in the back isn't Pyrex. But it is holiday and I love holiday stuff. It just sorta caught my eye and made me fall in love.

Then I found this: 

A Green dots. I don't care for this pattern. Thinking of trading it so selling it. Something has to really spark my interest. Or maybe I will just hang onto it.

He has a new obsession with wearing ties. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pyrex I didn't Buy 6 (Big Bear Lake)

So I had to take pictures of the Pyrex I didn't buy on our mini vacation. There was a ton. Only because some of the prices were out of this world. Some I already had too.

This green bowl. My favorite green. Ready for this? $65

Yes, pricey! I walked away sorta stunned.

The red fridgies were $16 each (with lid)  I don;t know about you but that seems super steep. The yellow was even more. I need the red but not at those prices. But that is a ton of red fridgies in great condition.

As you can see this set of 3 Autumn Harvest bowls were marked at $27.95.  They are missing the largest bowl. Seems steep for that pattern.

The inner bowl is marked at $15.  Pink Gooseberry,  a very pretty bowl. I know some would pay that if they are trying to complete their set. I don't care to have this set (mixing bowls)

This poor DWD red is marked at $6.50. I felt very sad for it.

And then this one. I have this one at home. A Daisy. I don't remember the price.  But always good to see one with the lid.

ET was making sure we didn't steal anything. This thing cracked me up. I should of seen how much they wanted but I was too busy snapping pictures of it. And then every room I swear has these "people" in them. Made me jump every time.  Freaking creeeeepy!


So If you are ever at Big Bear Lake hit up the antique shops. They are small and quirky. Won't take you too long, and will give you some laughs, and maybe you can find some Pyrex take take home.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Big Bear Lake, CA: the finds

I'm crazy! You all know that.  We drove 2.5 hours to go to Big Bear up in the mountains. My father in law rented a huge cabin and we went for a little fun.  Of course I spotted an antique store on the way there.

Saturday it rained so I jetted over and browsed the many little cabins (about 12), in the rain.  Each cabin was like a shed and setup as if you walked into someone's kitchen, bedroom, ect.

The main house had so much.  There was so much I didn't buy because prices were sky high.

I did however come home with this beauty.

She was marked $3.50.  I happily paid that price.  She was dirty and a little faded.  But a bath and some coconut oil fixed her up really nice.

Then I went to another antique mall someone told me about.  It was the traditional set up with booths.  I walked to one end, without looking because I like to go to the end and browse my way back.  What did I instantly spot? A glass rolling pin, with cork.  Marked with a W or M.  Depends on how you held it.

I almost cried and peed my pants at the same time.  Holy crap I've never seen one but have dreamed of finding one.  I even told THH last week it is what I really wanted for Christmas.

Now that I have you all wondering, I paid $14 for ir.  a little strap for my thrifty ways, but HOLY HELL I really want one.  

My last find I am not sure if it goes to the Horizon or a promotional. It is a very pretty blue. I don't need anymore divided but the blue just drew me in. It is in great condition. The blue is so lively and not faded at all. No lid, need to figure out what lid goes with it. Any idea?

So I came home with my 3 lovelies.  It was a nice trip. Tomorrow I will show you what I didn't buy, there was a ton!

On the boat!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Meatless Monday: Falafel

Last week as I was grocery shopping I was trying to figure out something quick and easy for dinner because I knew we were going to have a busy weekend ahead of us, and I had to pack so I needed something very fast for dinner.

What could be faster and easier than falafel pitas? It is all natural, vegetarian, cholesterol free & low sodium.

I buy this box mix. We like it and it takes very little time for them to be cooked. I just have to remember to add the water 20 minutes before I want to cook them.

I was not paid to advertise this.
After you add water and wait 20 or so minutes, the mixture firms up and you can shape into balls or as Ii did, funky patties, since we like ours crispy.

(you can also bake them)

I used one of my trusty cast iron pans to fry them in. The I did drain them on a towel too. They don;t come out greasy at all, just crisp and yummy. 

I served the little patties in whole grain  pitas with hummus, I forgot the sprouts. I also was using things we had in the house for dinner too. So we had cherry tomatoes, carrots and tangerines.  Of course I had to use some pyrex, I used 501s (littlest fridgies) Spring Blossom, Woodland and Early American. With our Corelle plates and ugly thrift store glasses.

Dinner was yummy.So if you ever see this in your grocery store, don't be afraid to try it. I don;t use the whole box at once, I divide it into thirds. So it turns out to be cheap too.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

WW: Quilt squares #2

Wordless Wednesday
(not really all that wordless) 
Quilt Squares 2 that occupy my laundry room.
If you remember correctly I am participating in The Farmers Wife Quilt Along.  I got 4 squares done last week. I know... 4!! I hate #18. Hate hate hate it. Had a hard time with it. But the rest were pretty simple.

#23 country farm
#22 corn and beans
#18 century of progress
#21 contrary wife

Monday, August 13, 2012

Ivy chip but no dip

Last weekend I stopped at Salvation Army with THH and THM.  It was really hot out and we just needed to get out of the house and beat the heat.

I walked in and immediately saw a Pyrex bowl on the shelf.  Priced okay at 12.50 I grabbed it.  It was on sale for $8. I looked over the pattern and bowl and it had no chips, no marks nothing.

But I knew it was a chip and dip. No dip bowl to be found. :(

I then saw my neighbor who I saw that the "heritage sale" on Thursday. He spotted me and we exchanged greetings. He told me that he went home Thursday and was looking over his stuff and realized they charged him separately for a bowl. He said he wouldn't have bought it if he would have looked closer and seen it was a separate item.  So he said it is going in his garage sale pile.

I cannot wait for this man's garage sale.

Anyways I then spotted the Old Orchard.  I paid $3 for it. It is covered in old lady baked on grease.  meaning it was a work horse piece. I love it. I need to find the lid. I have the larger one at home so it will have a friend. 

It took 2 baths in oven cleaner before it came clean.  It happily sits in my china cabinet now. Which is getting too full. Glad I opted out of getting a poor piece of Pyrex that had a hard life, with some silver maybe paint on it, all scratched and sad looking.  I left that thing there.  I did pick up a butter dish base. My second lonely base. Where are the tops?

Maybe I will find the tops one day, until then my kid has the coolest "top" aka hat ever:

My child is crazy. Grandma sent this hat, he wore it all weekend.  The lady at SA got a chuckle out of it.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Thrift store, you got lucky this time

So I felt so sick yesterday.  The heat here has really been screwing with me. And I can fluid building up in my right ear.  UGG.

I left work early to go home and try to feel a little better. But I knew I had to make one stop, at the thrift store, to see if they had the items I wanted. It was pretty packed when I wanted in. It is their "heritage" sale this week. All kids of good ole American goodies.

I immediately saw my skirt marker. I grabbed it. Then I ran over and the measuring cup was still there so I snatched it up.

I need to figure out how to use it. For $3 even it being a "look" piece is awesome.

Built in pin cushion

I browsed a minute (while holding my lunch in) and spotted a brown 501 fridgie. WITH LID! I grabbed it too.

Park of the "Old Orchard" set. I have wanted this set for a while now.

Then I heard "Pyrex in my basket."

One of my neighbors had grabbed up some Pyrex. My heart sank. I took a peak at his "customer still shopping" basket on the counter. A beat up Primary 3/4 set.  It was missing the yellow bowl. And a Large Forest Fancies Cinderella mixing bowl.

Thank gosh I didn't want or need any of those. I felt okay after that. I didn't miss out on anything.  Anyways I got my Anchor Hocking measuring cup. With splash guard and beaters.

It works great. Cleaned up nice, it was super rusty.
I also grabbed a random loaf lid (for 50 cents) and a Jadeite refrigerator lid.

Do you know what that clear lid goes to? Its only marking is M or W.(?)
I love the color! It screams to me.

I love Jadeite but I don't have that kind of money. I love the lid though. I would die to paint my kitchen that color one day. I will. Maybe one day I will stumble on the bottom, if not I now have the reference color. 

My goodies came home with me and I plopped on the couch. My ear is really messing with me today. But I got my skirt marker. So thrift store listen up. I will beat you and get my items.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Really thrift stores don't do this!

Omg am I ever mad.  We stopped at our local no name thrift store this evening.  I was super excited to see an old skirt marker for $3. Then I saw a sign,

"not for sale, yet".

Wtf. Really? You have rows and rows of merchandise. All not for sale.  Who does this?

Then I saw a measuring cup with beater.  Ancor hocking,  I looked at the bottom.

I double checked with the lady, nope not for sale until tomorrow.  COME ON!

What the hell.  Who puts out stuff and doesn't sell it? I have to work give me a break.  What is the difference if you sell it today or tomorrow? She said "have a friend come for it".

Ummmmmm... Yeah I don't have any friends.  Well OLL but she broke her foot or something like it. So nope my one and only friend here is unable to.

I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman when they wouldn't let me shop.

Not a happy camper.  Then THM through a massive fit, I yelled at him in the store then left.  All pissed off, dripping from the heat and growing a headache.

My house is a disaster, the chicken I had out for dinner is still frozen.

Is it acceptable to have vodka cranberries for dinner?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

It's a Mario!

I think I am insane. No wait I know I am insane.

At the beginning of this year I started the Farmer's wife quilt along. I love it but it is a bit challenging. Only because once I get the hang of a block I have to start a new one and all shit gets thrown out the window. I am slowly working on it.   SLOWLY! Anyways since there are 111 blocks in that quilt it is gonna take me some time.

I also have a jean quilt going. It is pretty simple. I have many of the circles cut, many of the squares. I work on it whenever I feel like it. It doesn't require batting. It basically puts itself all together as you do it. So I have decided it is going to be my forever quilt. I will continue with it until it is king size.  Then do the finishing edges and start a new one. I love it because all of the jeans were mine or someone I knew at one time. All of the squares are old clothes, fabric I have used for various projects and all have special meanings.

I have more than this done now, this picture is old.

Another random quilt is a t shirt quilt. Now I have all the shirts cut. That is it. LOL  It is going to sew up fast since the blocks are huge. But for some reason I just let them sit there. I figure once I have more time (Being laid off) I can get it done.  My favorite shirt is one from Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp. I spent many summers there and love it so much. 

This isn't me, They didn't have YouTube when I went. But to get the idea of what we learned in those 2 weeks. 2 weeks of playing violin for like 9 hours a day. I still have sand in my shoes!

Anyways back to my projects. I also have a rag quilt I am making THM for his birthday. Super Heros. I just washed the fabric yesterday and will start cutting tonight. Since there is no binding, no pinning of batting and no huge fabric to fiddle with I will be able to get it done quick. One side batman, one side superman.

This is a rag quilt:

I borrowed the image from here.
Then there is my newest project. Super Mario quilt. It is another quilt along. This time though I will be using a wash away stabilizer to do all the tiny squares just right.

I found this through my Pyrex Love flicker group. Angela bought a very nice scroll blue bowl and she had her fabric in the back. I of course checked out her blog  cuttopieces.blogspot.  I am in love with her stuff! I am soooooo ready to get the stuff to make it. I am going to give it as a gift. but I don't wanna say who in case that person is reading this. I bet they already know it is them.

I am going to make it my priority to get at least 2 things done this year. I hope they are the super hero and the mario quilts. Then the t-shirt of I have time.

I have so much on my plate.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pyrex I didn't buy.....5

I have fund more DWD, extremely over priced and just not my style Pyrex in the last month and half than ever.  I am sick of the way thrift stores wanna rip you off and take you for all you have because they get items donated and think they can make more money.  Well sorry not from me.  I'm not paying $15 for one butterfly gold mixing bowl (I am talking to you Value Village).  Give me a effin break, you got the item for free! 

Square Flowers mixing bowl
Salvation army, Norwalk, CA
Not my favorite pattern, and I am so sick of bowls right now. I don't need anymore random bowls.
Early American  mixing bowl
Salvation army, Norwalk , CA
Why are you priced lower than the above bowl? I am so lost sometimes.
Homestead 3 bowls
Salvation army, Norwalk, CA
$ I forgot, I think around $18
Go away. Unless your pattern is on a  fridgie I don't want you.

 DWD Verde Mixing Bowl (2)
 Salvation Army, Torrance, CA
$6.99 each
Sad sad sad.

Early American mixing bowl (2)
Salvation army, Norwalk, CA
$14 each
STOP FOLLOWING ME AROUND I DO NOT WANT YOU! Will this set ever leave me alone?

There was also a town and county divided, Butterfly gold mixing bowls (3, in different stores) 2 percolators at value village (they wanted $25 for one not even complete!) and one thing I really wanted at value village behind the counter for $50. I don't want to pay that much for a complete measuring cup and hand beater in not great condition.

So I left tons for you this time. I am trying to be a little more selective. Just a little though.