Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Big Bear Lake, CA: the finds

I'm crazy! You all know that.  We drove 2.5 hours to go to Big Bear up in the mountains. My father in law rented a huge cabin and we went for a little fun.  Of course I spotted an antique store on the way there.

Saturday it rained so I jetted over and browsed the many little cabins (about 12), in the rain.  Each cabin was like a shed and setup as if you walked into someone's kitchen, bedroom, ect.

The main house had so much.  There was so much I didn't buy because prices were sky high.

I did however come home with this beauty.

She was marked $3.50.  I happily paid that price.  She was dirty and a little faded.  But a bath and some coconut oil fixed her up really nice.

Then I went to another antique mall someone told me about.  It was the traditional set up with booths.  I walked to one end, without looking because I like to go to the end and browse my way back.  What did I instantly spot? A glass rolling pin, with cork.  Marked with a W or M.  Depends on how you held it.

I almost cried and peed my pants at the same time.  Holy crap I've never seen one but have dreamed of finding one.  I even told THH last week it is what I really wanted for Christmas.

Now that I have you all wondering, I paid $14 for ir.  a little strap for my thrifty ways, but HOLY HELL I really want one.  

My last find I am not sure if it goes to the Horizon or a promotional. It is a very pretty blue. I don't need anymore divided but the blue just drew me in. It is in great condition. The blue is so lively and not faded at all. No lid, need to figure out what lid goes with it. Any idea?

So I came home with my 3 lovelies.  It was a nice trip. Tomorrow I will show you what I didn't buy, there was a ton!

On the boat!


  1. I think that the blue pyrex is a promotional "royal" divided dish. It should have a lid with gold medallions on it. If you search the pyrex love group on flicker you should be able to find a picture of the lid. Hope that helps :)

    1. Thanks. I think you are totally right. I kept thinking princess but it is too dark. I just couldn't for the life of me remember the other pattern.