Tuesday, August 7, 2012

It's a Mario!

I think I am insane. No wait I know I am insane.

At the beginning of this year I started the Farmer's wife quilt along. I love it but it is a bit challenging. Only because once I get the hang of a block I have to start a new one and all shit gets thrown out the window. I am slowly working on it.   SLOWLY! Anyways since there are 111 blocks in that quilt it is gonna take me some time.

I also have a jean quilt going. It is pretty simple. I have many of the circles cut, many of the squares. I work on it whenever I feel like it. It doesn't require batting. It basically puts itself all together as you do it. So I have decided it is going to be my forever quilt. I will continue with it until it is king size.  Then do the finishing edges and start a new one. I love it because all of the jeans were mine or someone I knew at one time. All of the squares are old clothes, fabric I have used for various projects and all have special meanings.

I have more than this done now, this picture is old.

Another random quilt is a t shirt quilt. Now I have all the shirts cut. That is it. LOL  It is going to sew up fast since the blocks are huge. But for some reason I just let them sit there. I figure once I have more time (Being laid off) I can get it done.  My favorite shirt is one from Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp. I spent many summers there and love it so much. 

This isn't me, They didn't have YouTube when I went. But to get the idea of what we learned in those 2 weeks. 2 weeks of playing violin for like 9 hours a day. I still have sand in my shoes!

Anyways back to my projects. I also have a rag quilt I am making THM for his birthday. Super Heros. I just washed the fabric yesterday and will start cutting tonight. Since there is no binding, no pinning of batting and no huge fabric to fiddle with I will be able to get it done quick. One side batman, one side superman.

This is a rag quilt:

I borrowed the image from here.
Then there is my newest project. Super Mario quilt. It is another quilt along. This time though I will be using a wash away stabilizer to do all the tiny squares just right.

I found this through my Pyrex Love flicker group. Angela bought a very nice scroll blue bowl and she had her fabric in the back. I of course checked out her blog  cuttopieces.blogspot.  I am in love with her stuff! I am soooooo ready to get the stuff to make it. I am going to give it as a gift. but I don't wanna say who in case that person is reading this. I bet they already know it is them.

I am going to make it my priority to get at least 2 things done this year. I hope they are the super hero and the mario quilts. Then the t-shirt of I have time.

I have so much on my plate.

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