Monday, August 13, 2012

Ivy chip but no dip

Last weekend I stopped at Salvation Army with THH and THM.  It was really hot out and we just needed to get out of the house and beat the heat.

I walked in and immediately saw a Pyrex bowl on the shelf.  Priced okay at 12.50 I grabbed it.  It was on sale for $8. I looked over the pattern and bowl and it had no chips, no marks nothing.

But I knew it was a chip and dip. No dip bowl to be found. :(

I then saw my neighbor who I saw that the "heritage sale" on Thursday. He spotted me and we exchanged greetings. He told me that he went home Thursday and was looking over his stuff and realized they charged him separately for a bowl. He said he wouldn't have bought it if he would have looked closer and seen it was a separate item.  So he said it is going in his garage sale pile.

I cannot wait for this man's garage sale.

Anyways I then spotted the Old Orchard.  I paid $3 for it. It is covered in old lady baked on grease.  meaning it was a work horse piece. I love it. I need to find the lid. I have the larger one at home so it will have a friend. 

It took 2 baths in oven cleaner before it came clean.  It happily sits in my china cabinet now. Which is getting too full. Glad I opted out of getting a poor piece of Pyrex that had a hard life, with some silver maybe paint on it, all scratched and sad looking.  I left that thing there.  I did pick up a butter dish base. My second lonely base. Where are the tops?

Maybe I will find the tops one day, until then my kid has the coolest "top" aka hat ever:

My child is crazy. Grandma sent this hat, he wore it all weekend.  The lady at SA got a chuckle out of it.

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  1. I saw an ivy chip bowl on etsy for like, 7 bucks (if you're desperately OCD like me and want things to match IMMEDIATELY$....! But I think it was listed as shamrock?