Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lids and Dots

Words to the wise.  Never leave a lid. Never leave a lidless dish just because it is lidless. 


11 lids. Meaning I don't have to leave 11 lidless dishes. I found all of these at goodwill in Corona.

I also found the Strawberry Corelle there. They were marked 20 for $14.99. But there wasn't 20 of them. We looked, hoping to find the plates and bowls. So they repriced them better for me. Since i really only wanted them for the cream and sugar, but I had to take the 4 cups too. I love them. 

Now I did buy a knock off piece. Pyr-o-rey platter in the back isn't Pyrex. But it is holiday and I love holiday stuff. It just sorta caught my eye and made me fall in love.

Then I found this: 

A Green dots. I don't care for this pattern. Thinking of trading it so selling it. Something has to really spark my interest. Or maybe I will just hang onto it.

He has a new obsession with wearing ties. 


  1. anything you're looking to trade that green dot bowl for??? :)

    1. If you are local I may be up for a trade, shipping and supplies are so expensive and I am scared it will bust, I have no faith in USPS.

    2. nope, i'm in texas. :) had to ask!

  2. That Christmas platter is quite nice. I love thrifting great Christmas items.

  3. Wish you lived across the street - I'd be right over for that beautiful Green Dots bowl!!