Monday, August 20, 2012

Meatless Monday: Falafel

Last week as I was grocery shopping I was trying to figure out something quick and easy for dinner because I knew we were going to have a busy weekend ahead of us, and I had to pack so I needed something very fast for dinner.

What could be faster and easier than falafel pitas? It is all natural, vegetarian, cholesterol free & low sodium.

I buy this box mix. We like it and it takes very little time for them to be cooked. I just have to remember to add the water 20 minutes before I want to cook them.

I was not paid to advertise this.
After you add water and wait 20 or so minutes, the mixture firms up and you can shape into balls or as Ii did, funky patties, since we like ours crispy.

(you can also bake them)

I used one of my trusty cast iron pans to fry them in. The I did drain them on a towel too. They don;t come out greasy at all, just crisp and yummy. 

I served the little patties in whole grain  pitas with hummus, I forgot the sprouts. I also was using things we had in the house for dinner too. So we had cherry tomatoes, carrots and tangerines.  Of course I had to use some pyrex, I used 501s (littlest fridgies) Spring Blossom, Woodland and Early American. With our Corelle plates and ugly thrift store glasses.

Dinner was yummy.So if you ever see this in your grocery store, don't be afraid to try it. I don;t use the whole box at once, I divide it into thirds. So it turns out to be cheap too.

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