Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pyrex I didn't Buy 6 (Big Bear Lake)

So I had to take pictures of the Pyrex I didn't buy on our mini vacation. There was a ton. Only because some of the prices were out of this world. Some I already had too.

This green bowl. My favorite green. Ready for this? $65

Yes, pricey! I walked away sorta stunned.

The red fridgies were $16 each (with lid)  I don;t know about you but that seems super steep. The yellow was even more. I need the red but not at those prices. But that is a ton of red fridgies in great condition.

As you can see this set of 3 Autumn Harvest bowls were marked at $27.95.  They are missing the largest bowl. Seems steep for that pattern.

The inner bowl is marked at $15.  Pink Gooseberry,  a very pretty bowl. I know some would pay that if they are trying to complete their set. I don't care to have this set (mixing bowls)

This poor DWD red is marked at $6.50. I felt very sad for it.

And then this one. I have this one at home. A Daisy. I don't remember the price.  But always good to see one with the lid.

ET was making sure we didn't steal anything. This thing cracked me up. I should of seen how much they wanted but I was too busy snapping pictures of it. And then every room I swear has these "people" in them. Made me jump every time.  Freaking creeeeepy!


So If you are ever at Big Bear Lake hit up the antique shops. They are small and quirky. Won't take you too long, and will give you some laughs, and maybe you can find some Pyrex take take home.

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  1. those "people" are definitely creepy and funny. and ET! of all people. Amazing. I know you enjoyed the oddness. I would have!