Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pyrex I didn't buy.....5

I have fund more DWD, extremely over priced and just not my style Pyrex in the last month and half than ever.  I am sick of the way thrift stores wanna rip you off and take you for all you have because they get items donated and think they can make more money.  Well sorry not from me.  I'm not paying $15 for one butterfly gold mixing bowl (I am talking to you Value Village).  Give me a effin break, you got the item for free! 

Square Flowers mixing bowl
Salvation army, Norwalk, CA
Not my favorite pattern, and I am so sick of bowls right now. I don't need anymore random bowls.
Early American  mixing bowl
Salvation army, Norwalk , CA
Why are you priced lower than the above bowl? I am so lost sometimes.
Homestead 3 bowls
Salvation army, Norwalk, CA
$ I forgot, I think around $18
Go away. Unless your pattern is on a  fridgie I don't want you.

 DWD Verde Mixing Bowl (2)
 Salvation Army, Torrance, CA
$6.99 each
Sad sad sad.

Early American mixing bowl (2)
Salvation army, Norwalk, CA
$14 each
STOP FOLLOWING ME AROUND I DO NOT WANT YOU! Will this set ever leave me alone?

There was also a town and county divided, Butterfly gold mixing bowls (3, in different stores) 2 percolators at value village (they wanted $25 for one not even complete!) and one thing I really wanted at value village behind the counter for $50. I don't want to pay that much for a complete measuring cup and hand beater in not great condition.

So I left tons for you this time. I am trying to be a little more selective. Just a little though.


  1. WOW! Such crazy prices! Where do you live? I'd just die if prices were like that at all the stores here!

    The most I ever paid in a thrift store was $16.01 for a coral red snowflake space space, mint, with lid... totally reasonable (lol) & blue new dots for $15.99 (kinda OK), but these bowls above are quite common.

  2. SoCal, specifically Long Beach. Prices are awful here. Sometimes you do find something reasonable but not much. I saw the largest woodland round cinderella with lid today for $12.50. I walked right on by. I usually only buy them on sale days unless it is something I really want. I'm being picky now though. You seem to have way better thrift stores than us.