Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Really thrift stores don't do this!

Omg am I ever mad.  We stopped at our local no name thrift store this evening.  I was super excited to see an old skirt marker for $3. Then I saw a sign,

"not for sale, yet".

Wtf. Really? You have rows and rows of merchandise. All not for sale.  Who does this?

Then I saw a measuring cup with beater.  Ancor hocking,  I looked at the bottom.

I double checked with the lady, nope not for sale until tomorrow.  COME ON!

What the hell.  Who puts out stuff and doesn't sell it? I have to work give me a break.  What is the difference if you sell it today or tomorrow? She said "have a friend come for it".

Ummmmmm... Yeah I don't have any friends.  Well OLL but she broke her foot or something like it. So nope my one and only friend here is unable to.

I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman when they wouldn't let me shop.

Not a happy camper.  Then THM through a massive fit, I yelled at him in the store then left.  All pissed off, dripping from the heat and growing a headache.

My house is a disaster, the chicken I had out for dinner is still frozen.

Is it acceptable to have vodka cranberries for dinner?


  1. Have that Vodka stinger with a passion!

  2. What a stupid way to run a store!!

    That outing definitely deserved a cocktail when you got home!!

  3. I am debating getting the measuring cup now. I feel like I should buy anything from them but I really want that skirt marker. Let's hope it is still there when I go back tonight.

  4. That is very odd! Why not sell it when you know you have a buyer!? Weird. Good luck! I hope you get everything you want!

  5. Maybe they had a big wig coming through & they had certain merchandising standards to meet?

    IDK. That's the only idea I can come up with.

    NOT FOR SALE. That is stupid.