Friday, August 10, 2012

Thrift store, you got lucky this time

So I felt so sick yesterday.  The heat here has really been screwing with me. And I can fluid building up in my right ear.  UGG.

I left work early to go home and try to feel a little better. But I knew I had to make one stop, at the thrift store, to see if they had the items I wanted. It was pretty packed when I wanted in. It is their "heritage" sale this week. All kids of good ole American goodies.

I immediately saw my skirt marker. I grabbed it. Then I ran over and the measuring cup was still there so I snatched it up.

I need to figure out how to use it. For $3 even it being a "look" piece is awesome.

Built in pin cushion

I browsed a minute (while holding my lunch in) and spotted a brown 501 fridgie. WITH LID! I grabbed it too.

Park of the "Old Orchard" set. I have wanted this set for a while now.

Then I heard "Pyrex in my basket."

One of my neighbors had grabbed up some Pyrex. My heart sank. I took a peak at his "customer still shopping" basket on the counter. A beat up Primary 3/4 set.  It was missing the yellow bowl. And a Large Forest Fancies Cinderella mixing bowl.

Thank gosh I didn't want or need any of those. I felt okay after that. I didn't miss out on anything.  Anyways I got my Anchor Hocking measuring cup. With splash guard and beaters.

It works great. Cleaned up nice, it was super rusty.
I also grabbed a random loaf lid (for 50 cents) and a Jadeite refrigerator lid.

Do you know what that clear lid goes to? Its only marking is M or W.(?)
I love the color! It screams to me.

I love Jadeite but I don't have that kind of money. I love the lid though. I would die to paint my kitchen that color one day. I will. Maybe one day I will stumble on the bottom, if not I now have the reference color. 

My goodies came home with me and I plopped on the couch. My ear is really messing with me today. But I got my skirt marker. So thrift store listen up. I will beat you and get my items.


  1. The pattern on the jadeite lid looks like it is the Fire King Philbe pattern. I sold one recently in a smaller size. I think even the lids catch a decent price on ebay.

  2. Ive seen the clear lid on some glasbake items. Great finds!

    1. Thanks, that skirt marker is my find of the week.

  3. The clear lid is from a Westinghouse refrigerator dish. The are pretty common here but not sure if you will have trouble finding it in your area. Love the beater. I have yet to come across one at the thrifts.

    1. That is what someone told me on flickr. Was that you? (about the lid).

  4. Ahhh, so it seems they did have merchandising standards. They had to have items in their shop to go with the launch of their "heritage" sale.

    That shirt thing is neat & I'm glad that you got your hands on the items you desired - & more!