Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy 8th anniversary!

Happy 8th Anniversary!

Of what you may ask, not this blog.  

Of me being on ebay. Why do I bring this up you ask. Because I bought something off ebay Sunday.

I got a turquoise open baker and divided dish. It was cheap and the seller agreed to local pickup. I love local pickups. I get my items fast and I do not have to worry about them breaking. And it keeps my costs down. 

When I went to pick them up I stayed and chit chatted with the seller, who also is a collector. This gets me back to the point here. She said "you must be new on ebay. You don't have much feed back."

LOL I just got an email a few days ago form ebay. I have been a member for 8 years. And I only have 24 feedback. Yes I rarely buy on ebay. 

The open baker.  Same size as the divided but no divider. Not common.
 Anyways I am happy to find another local with the same passion, who is so nice and friendly in this very unfriendly city. 

The divided.

My sets of snowflakes are coming along nicely. Still need a few but I am sure they will come to me one day. 

One is for my mom. I also have some Black.

I need my hubby to bring me a better camera from work. They are very very turquoise, my phone camera just won't pick that up!

Monday, October 22, 2012


I got to do a little shopping with OLL last weekend. It was nice to get out of the house and gossip and chit chat.

We hit up SA and VV (value village).

I manged to find a second 043 Snowflake.  Going to give it to my mom. She loves snow. Also found this really ugly butter dish. I mean it is U-G-L-Y!!!! But it is fun. The clear dish is another little find. It is federal glass. With fruits on the lid. THM Also conned me into getting him a Christmas Snow globe.  It is from The San Francisco Music Box Company. Very beautiful. 

Same SA I found the white snowflake. I was looking over the counter at the piles off stuff and spotted it stashed in a corner of junk. I asked the lady "Can I have that white dish?" She said "You wanna look at it?" I said "No I want it."  I didn't even need to look at it. I knew it was gonna come home with me.  

The terra is my first. Now this pattern seems to be scratched easy. I liked the size of it and it had the lid. It was half off at VV or I wouldn't have bought it.

I also picked up a duplicate pink 024. My pink is in bad condition and this one is sorta better. VV also had a yellow 023.  It is smaller than the 024 (numbers on bottom).  For half off it came home with me too. Sometimes I like having dwd stuff. They can be my work-horse ones. 

 Now this little set is adorable. It was so gross though.  The metal stand was brown. I sprayed it with a bit of oven cleaner and it cleaned up very nice. I was pleasantly surprised.  I am going to use it on pancake nights for different flavored syrups.

I had to redo the top of my cabinet. To display my 043 and 045s (Those are numbers on the bottom, each number is a common size of a dish, like the large fridgies are 503s. why? I dono)  I'm trying to get it all organized, but I am running out of room!!!!

Wednesday I am doing a local trade. It is always nice to do trades. Shipping is so expensive though, so local trades are my new friend. I will show you then what I got.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Golden Bouquet

Seems like drought is over!!!!!!!

This week I went out twice.  I'm getting cabin fever.

Plus I had to go to the dollar store for q-tips and oven cleaner.

I wondered into St. Vincents Thrift Store yesterday for a quick look. they rarely have anything in the housewares section worth anything. I have got great clothing there for cheap.  Like the Calvin Klein dress for my date night in December, $5.99, perfect condition. Retails for $139.

Yesterday I got 2 older flameware sauce pans with handles. They have the blue tint to them.  I already used them for making lunch and they are cool.

My first sauce pans.  Not the ones I really want but they were cheap enough.  $2.99 for the small and $3.99 for the larger of the two.

I also came across half an old orchard set. the 402 and 403.  In pretty great condition. They are $6.00 for the two.

Now today I ran into Salvation Army.  Their hours have changed and they are open at 8 now. I quickly spotted the familiar white milk glass. I couldn't see the pattern but saw the blue. I thought it was horizon because it had a shadow over it. When I went around the shelf I saw it was Snowflake. The size I don't have. Awesome!!!!!!! and 25% off.

Then I wondered around, seeing nothing else. Until I spotted the dark blue with gold leaf and lid. Lid is pretty chipped but the bottom is in okay condition. Very dirty but I knew I could clean it.

I got home and looked it up.  It is Golden Bouquet.  Very nice find for being $3.

Now I was hesitant to try oven cleaner. I didn't want the gold leaf to come off. It had some grease on it that didn't come off after a good soak and washing with dish soap.  Magic eraser was out as well as Bar Keepers Friend because I knew the chances of harming the gold were positive. But I had bought some Awesome Orange at the dollar store.  I tried it. I prayed I didn't just destroy it.

Here is a close-up of the pattern

OMG It worked. Got it off easy!!!!!! So now I can add Awesome Orange to my list of cleaners that work. And so can you. Plus it is less smelly that oven cleaner.

I'm pretty happy that maybe my Pyrex luck is coming back.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It has been a while....

Wanna know what I have been up to?

1. I got laid off. BUT don't boowhoo for me. I am having a blast being a SAHM (stay at home mom). I've got my bills paid until April so far since I am a master at managing my money. Looking for a job bites,  but it looks like doing them same thing I was doing I can make more money. Also the change has made me a better person. I am truly happy. Everything happens for a reason right? I gotta stay positive. (stupid housing market, I worked in new housing development. I was the last employee. So I don't feel too bad)

2. Watching my son turn 4. Holy crap is 4 a good age or what? He is learning everything. His memory is outstanding.  He is so excited for Halloween. We have adventures, we spend hours walking and biking and enjoying each other. We had a small party for him at Adventure City.  He got to ride a roller coaster for the first time. He got loads of Super hero stuff. Preschool is going great for him. He has time with his friends and time with me. Our little family is so happy. Happy for the first time in many many years.

3. I don't shop as much. This you can booowhoooooo over.  I do out every once and a while. Nothing much. I window shop. It is okay though. Less junk in my house. I did do a local trade with a woman. I gave her Pyrex, and she gave me some. 

4.  My mama came out and visited.  We did shop, but all thrift.  I think we learned so much about each other this time. We bonded.  I miss her.

I hope I can find a job soon. I revamped my resume, it looks awesome now. 

But since I have the free time I am living it up. Clean house, happy kid and happy husband.

So I'm back, missed me or not, lots of pyrex to show off.

The butterpint in back was a trade I got. The rest was super cheap and spent less than $10 of my mad money I saved.