Friday, October 19, 2012

Golden Bouquet

Seems like drought is over!!!!!!!

This week I went out twice.  I'm getting cabin fever.

Plus I had to go to the dollar store for q-tips and oven cleaner.

I wondered into St. Vincents Thrift Store yesterday for a quick look. they rarely have anything in the housewares section worth anything. I have got great clothing there for cheap.  Like the Calvin Klein dress for my date night in December, $5.99, perfect condition. Retails for $139.

Yesterday I got 2 older flameware sauce pans with handles. They have the blue tint to them.  I already used them for making lunch and they are cool.

My first sauce pans.  Not the ones I really want but they were cheap enough.  $2.99 for the small and $3.99 for the larger of the two.

I also came across half an old orchard set. the 402 and 403.  In pretty great condition. They are $6.00 for the two.

Now today I ran into Salvation Army.  Their hours have changed and they are open at 8 now. I quickly spotted the familiar white milk glass. I couldn't see the pattern but saw the blue. I thought it was horizon because it had a shadow over it. When I went around the shelf I saw it was Snowflake. The size I don't have. Awesome!!!!!!! and 25% off.

Then I wondered around, seeing nothing else. Until I spotted the dark blue with gold leaf and lid. Lid is pretty chipped but the bottom is in okay condition. Very dirty but I knew I could clean it.

I got home and looked it up.  It is Golden Bouquet.  Very nice find for being $3.

Now I was hesitant to try oven cleaner. I didn't want the gold leaf to come off. It had some grease on it that didn't come off after a good soak and washing with dish soap.  Magic eraser was out as well as Bar Keepers Friend because I knew the chances of harming the gold were positive. But I had bought some Awesome Orange at the dollar store.  I tried it. I prayed I didn't just destroy it.

Here is a close-up of the pattern

OMG It worked. Got it off easy!!!!!! So now I can add Awesome Orange to my list of cleaners that work. And so can you. Plus it is less smelly that oven cleaner.

I'm pretty happy that maybe my Pyrex luck is coming back.


  1. Awesome finds. One thing in my cleaning arsenal that has done the trick on many rough spots is LA's totally awesome oxygen power all purpose spot remover. I just use a wet rag and then spray the spot remover on the rag and a few little rubs will remove some of the worst grime and build up I've seen. I haven't tried it on the gold but it seems gentle on everything I have tried it on and works really well.

  2. I used their LA's Awesome oxygen Orange all Purpose De-greaser (simply know around here as Awesome Orange). Their products are fantastic!

  3. Love the golden bouquet! Great find!!! Glad you got it all cleaned up, too! :)