Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy 8th anniversary!

Happy 8th Anniversary!

Of what you may ask, not this blog.  

Of me being on ebay. Why do I bring this up you ask. Because I bought something off ebay Sunday.

I got a turquoise open baker and divided dish. It was cheap and the seller agreed to local pickup. I love local pickups. I get my items fast and I do not have to worry about them breaking. And it keeps my costs down. 

When I went to pick them up I stayed and chit chatted with the seller, who also is a collector. This gets me back to the point here. She said "you must be new on ebay. You don't have much feed back."

LOL I just got an email a few days ago form ebay. I have been a member for 8 years. And I only have 24 feedback. Yes I rarely buy on ebay. 

The open baker.  Same size as the divided but no divider. Not common.
 Anyways I am happy to find another local with the same passion, who is so nice and friendly in this very unfriendly city. 

The divided.

My sets of snowflakes are coming along nicely. Still need a few but I am sure they will come to me one day. 

One is for my mom. I also have some Black.

I need my hubby to bring me a better camera from work. They are very very turquoise, my phone camera just won't pick that up!

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